Where is the Love?


It’s a quarter to two and the last joule of energy from my noon lunch and bit of motivation to look at another report has been exhausted. A quick glance at the computer screen shows that my whitepaper on cloud computing has been hijacked by a page long sentence of “h’s;” the product of my heavy eyes and fat fingers drowsily pressing against the keyboard. It’s usually at this point that I decide whether to drink a cup of watered down French Vanilla from a Flavia machine, or coffee from one of the many Starbucks’ or Dunkin Donuts colonizing New York City. But on this particular day I wanted something different—coffee that’s neither mechanized nor corporatized. So I ventured around the Financial District and found Love Coffee, a burnt orange colored food truck parked on Wall Street that serves, as the name suggests, coffee.

Love Coffee offers a variety of drinks including vanilla and chai lattes, mint, cIMG_3955aramel and hazelnut mochaccinos, caramel cappuccinos, and the standard drip brew, all of which can be served either hot or iced in a Lotta (16oz.) and Whole Lotta (20oz.) size. But because it’s hard to write a review after just one drink, I visited Love Coffee over three days to get a better flavor of what they offer.IMG_3968

The Love Hazelnut Mocha:

On my first visit to Love Coffee I bought a Lotta sized Love Hazelnut Mocha ($4). Although it was a little watery, the mocha wasn’t a syrupy mess or highly concentrated with sugar unlike the ones that I drank at other coffee shops. Instead, I found my drink to be a well-balanced taste of mocha and hazelnut, which made it the ideal pick-me-up after lunch.

The Red Eye:

The term “red eye” refers to the red eyes that form on a person who lacks sleep; and having spent 12 hours working at my client the day before, I needed a drink with a kick to keep me focused for what would inevitably become another long night at work. On my second visit to Love Coffee I ordered a Lotta sized Red Eye ($3), a simple drink that consists of coffee and a shot of espresso, the latter ingredient that provides the “kick. The Red-Eyes that I’ve had from other places had a bitter aftertaste, but Love Coffee’s Red-Eye was surprisingly smooth. As for giving me energy, I ended up working until 10PM that night, and coupled with a few brisk walks around the office floor, the Red-Eye did its job of keeping me up.

IMG_3963The Espresso:

I admit that I know little about espressos, in fact there was a time when I referred to the concentrated shot of coffee as an “eXpresso,” but that’s a story for another review. Being light on cash for my third visit, I ordered a Lotta sized espresso ($2) without sugar, and took in a mouthful of the bitter and strong coffee. Without any cream or sweetener, the espresso had a formidable taste that I admit, I’m not experienced enough to thoroughly enjoy. Nevertheless, I’m sure coffee connoisseurs can appreciate the complexity, aroma and strength of Love Coffee’s espresso.

Love Coffee imports its beans from Columbia, Italy and Costa Rica, and roasts them locally in Brooklyn. To try Love Coffee, visit its trucks on Wall Street, in front of the Museum of Finance and in 1 Prospect Park, Brooklyn, Monday-Friday from 6:00AM-5:30PM. Love Coffee also has coffee shops on Steinway Street in Astoria, and 115th Pleasant Avenue in Harlem. Check out Love Coffee on Twitter as well.



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