Our Writers

Writing about food is probably the most enjoyable sector in the entire world of writing.

But it’s not as easy as you think…

To eat, taste and enjoy a meal is one thing, but to write a powerful article about the entire experience – that will entice a reader to go to a place and eat that dish – is a totally different story. Not easy at all…

Along the years, we had some amazing writers who joined NYSF (or NewYorkStreetFood.com). These highly talented guys and gals are true artists. They know how to craft the food they eat and the emotions it creates, into delicious sentences that make you drool like a dog.

So without saying no more, here’s our team of writers who contribute to New York’s food scene:  

Faith Rein

Faith Rein
Faith Rein

Living and loving in NYC, food has been a passion of hers. East Coast to West, Faith’s goal is to explore and learn with the contribution of other like-minded foodies. Faith Rein has written for 2Girlsfromabar@blogspot.com.  Youtube channel – faith.rein, love food love faith. You can find her @: Faith.rein/facebook (always looking to add friends) / faith rein@twitter / faith.rein@instagram / faith.rein@gmail.com

Here are some of Faith’s popular articles on NYSF:

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T Bar NYC Review: “I Never Did This Before…”

Tiara Budd

Tiara Budd

Tiara Budd lives in New York and is determined to eat (and Instagram!) her way through the city. In her free time she loves exploring new neighborhoods, reading books from the library, and traveling all around the country.

Here are some of her popular articles on NYSF:

NYSF REVIEW: A Trip Back to Old New York With The Tuck Room

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Chelsea Davis

Chelsea Davis

Chelsea Davis is a San Francisco native who’s spent a considerable amount of time post-graduation calling New York City her home[base]. Today she’s a full-time freelance writer actually getting paid to do what she loves. Some of her favorite things in no particular order include tennis, hiking, sleeping through entire flights, glitter, 24-7 brunch, perfectly wrapped burritos, Dorritos, amuse bouche, being right on time, baking, doing absolutely nothing on a sandy beach, succulent plants, freshly made beds, Red Pandas, Corgis, bubble baths, fresh mani-pedis, out-of-the-box brownies, pad Thai, farmer’s markets and millennial feminism.You can check out her Instagram, @cheycheyfromthebay!

Monti Olson

By day, Monti Lawson is a fundraising specialist working with high-impact organizations in New York City. His Nights and weekends are spent on a quest to eat the national cuisine of every UN member country. Feel free to send suggestions, tips, and trick to him on IG: @MontiLawson!

Here are some of his popular articles on NYSF:

NYSF Review of Tsion Cafe: Where the Ingredients Sing in Harlem