NewYorkStreetFood.com, or NYSF as it’s better known in NYC, was founded in October 2009 by Perry Resnick, an Accountant living and working in NYC, who loves food of all sorts. Perry started out his Food Blog just as the New York street food and food truck scene was starting to accelerate.
The website was created to highlight the great quality and variety of street food in New York, and to provide a resource for New Yorkers and tourists alike to find the best gourmet food trucks and food carts in the greater NYC area.
Very quickly, NewYorkStreetFood.com became the “go to” place on the net for those looking for reviews, videos and information about the New York food scene, and beyond. Perry managed to build NYSF into the top website in NYC dedicated to gourmet food trucks and street food. With lots of eating out and trying out almost every single street food in the city, mixed with extensive use of Twitter, Facebook and other social media, Perry build an audience from zero to over 50,000 unique visitors per month.
During the years, we’ve been featured in many distinguished Newspapers, TV Channels and other Media Channels. Here are just a few examples:


Today, NYSF keeps evolving, keeping pace with New York’s food scene. We have new and talented writers who visit NYC’s tastiest restaurants, and write about it. Check out our team of writers here, and contact them if you’d like.

If you want to reach out to us – you can also contact us here!