5 Tips to Make Italian Quality Pizza at Home

Make Italian Quality Pizza at Home
Photo by Jimmy Dean on Unsplash.com

We all know that Pizza is one of the most iconic dishes of Italy. But can you make an Italian quality pizza by yourself? In this post, we’ll give you a few tips on how to make that beloved Italian Pizza at home. 

Many people get sick of always ordering pizza and would instead like to make their own at home. However, a major issue that they find themselves facing is based on the fact that it is simply not as good as what they get in an Italian restaurant and even the takeaways. The following blog post is going to present you with a few useful pointers on this front that can help out when it comes to making pizza that is of the Italian restaurant quality that you are looking for.

1. Use Better Quality Ingredients

Just like any other type of cooking, you should certainly start off with high-quality ingredients, and this should extend from everything from the base to the toppings. Once you have started from an initially strong place, it is much more likely that the rest of your pizza will fall comfortably into place.

2. Measure Out Everything Properly 

Beyond the use of a scale, you should also ensure that you are measuring everything out properly as a mix-up of your ingredients and overusing or underusing something can cause a major potential issue. As a lot of ingredients are measured using the metric system, you should also be aware that this can play a role in a wide range of recipes that you are looking up, and this fact is certainly worth bearing in mind if you are serious about getting the accuracy levels as good as they possibly can be.

3. Invest in Proper Equipment 

As well as the ingredients, you also have the equipment that can make a major difference to the finished quality of what you are left with. For those people who have a higher budget, this means actually getting a pizza oven – like a proper Italian wood-burning one. However, simply having the right plates and utensils can make a major difference.

4. Pick the Style You Enjoy

In the modern world, pizzas come in a wide range of different styles, so it is important to put your finger on whether you prefer the classic Italian style or if you are looking for something that has more American influences. This is going to have a major impact on your finished product, and you should certainly not overlook the importance of doing this.

Italian Quality Pizza
Pick the style you enjoy. Photo by Jimmy Dean on Unsplash.com

5. Practice Stretching Your Dough

Obviously, no matter what pizza style you are going to go for, it will be based on the dough, so take the time to get this essential canvas right before you even think about going any further along the process. Check out proofing pizza dough for some best practices.

Taking into account all of these steps can really ensure that you are left with the type of pizza that means you will not have to order from a restaurant or a takeaway in a hurry. The more you practice, the more you are going to be able to refine your techniques and be left in a situation in which you are making pizza without a second thought. 

For more tips – check out this awesome video of Gennaro Contaldo: 

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