Hire a Food Truck For Your Event or Party!

Food truck cateringOrganizing a party or Event? Looking into Food Truck Catering? Or do you need a special Marketing campaign with a few cool custom-decorated Food Trucks? Well, look no more…We get around 40,000 visitors each month and sometimes it seems like we get 4,000 emails regarding food truck rental, from clients looking to hire a food truck for an event of some kind. We often get requests from those planning a wedding, a birthday party or business function.

Food truckSince we have a great relationship with most of the food truck operators, we have created a top-notch Food Truck catering service, providing you with the entire process from planning the event for you, getting all the necessary permits and annoying stuff, dressing up the Food Truck according to your special taste and we naturally provide delicious food…We also have a super professional Marketing team that can boost any campaign with specially designed and custom-decorated Food Trucks (with your Brand, logo and colors!), all ready for a city-road trip to boost your sales 🙂

So if you are indeed looking into Food truck rental or catering and would like to hire a food truck for your event, please contact us for now either through our CONTACT FORM or at this email:


Please mention the Food truck or food you are interested in, your phone number, and we’ll do our best…:)