If you enjoy going to food trucks, even if it’s just once in a while, you’re probably aware the city is cracking down on food trucks who are vending from metered parking spaces (which is basically everywhere in the city).

Dennis Kum of Big D’s Grub Truck has been hassled a lot by the police, and has put together a petition addressed to Mayor Bloomberg and the various City Councils.  The city has already gotten lots of pressure from landlords and business owners.  If we can exert some pressure from the sheer number of people who support food trucks, and the great variety of fresh food they serve, perhaps a truce can be reached.

Please take a minute to sign the petition here. It will literally only take a minute.  And since this is a legal document, please use your real name and don’t sign it more than once.  It needs to be a legitimate document that can be presented to Mayor Bloomberg.

Just a minute of your time can help these small business owners stay afloat, and continue to serve New Yorkers some great food.


  1. Keep the trucks in midtown!! Officeworkers need decent and affordable lunch!! Ban the crappy tourist holes instead!

  2. Sorry. I love food trucks but I drive and their parking choices are a PAIN in my ass. They should have commercial plates and park in loading/unloading truck spots. PLEASE.

  3. @ BD: I know for a fact that the commercial unloading/loading truck spots are the metered parking spots they are talking about. I would say thats where most of them are parked.


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