Tacos, especially Korean/Mexican fusion tacos, are getting so popular, they’re being paired with all sorts of things.

First up is Tacos and Tattoos – Yesterday (Sunday) in Venice Beach, CA., 6 food trucks (Tasty Meat, Calbi, Lomo Arigato, Del’s Lemonade, Surfer Tacos, Don Chow Tacos, and Komodo Food) lined up on a closed off street with a live DJ all afternoon for Tacos and Tattoos at Ink Monkey.  There were tons of tattoo artists, a mobile artist, live music, and of course the food trucks. [LAist]

tacos and

Next up is the Brooklyn Taco Experiment – What happens when two huge dining trends collide?  Welcome to the Brooklyn Taco Experiment cook-off, held Sunday night at The Bell House.  New Yorkers have gone crazy for Cali-style tacos, and cook-off competitions are more popular than ever.  This brought together a bunch of amateur cooks doing their best work with tortillas  and assorted fillings, while everyone chowed down. When all was said and done, the attendees and the celeb judge panel crowned the borough’s taco champ: The judges’ top prize went to Andrey Ayrapetov, while the People’s Choice Award went to John Schnapp.  There are about 60 pictures in this link, if you’re up for some great food porn. [Metromix New York]

Brooklyn Taco Experiment
Brooklyn Taco Experiment

Last up is T & T & A (NSFW) – Tony Stamolis brings you another type of food porn.  Tony is a photographer from Fresno, CA who is coming out with a book next month of photographs featuring naked women and tacos.  Both are photographed very lovingly, and it’s difficult to determine which subject he loves more.   We fully understand. [tandtanda.com]  Follow the link for photos.  We’re keeping this site family-friendly for now.  (No promises for the future, however.)


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