Can Nespresso Pods be Used Twice? The Ultimate Short Guide

Can Nespresso Pods be Used Twice
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Everybody with a Nespresso machine at home (like the ones available at Coffee Lover’s Cup) has probably wondered at some point in their lives whether they can use the Nespresso pods again. After all, who doesn’t want to save up on their hard-earned cash? Nespresso Pods can turn out to be quite expensive if you drink espresso-based drinks daily.  Therefore, the question is: can Nespresso pods be used twice? Let’s find out.

Best Reusable Nespresso Pod

Cafilas capsules live up to all their claims. Made from stainless steel, they are durable and reusable. These pods are strongly sealed and produce the froth that we all want in an exceptional cup of espresso. This is all due to the rubber gasket that has been cleverly and tightly wrapped around the rim.

Because Cafilas capsules are reusable, you get to save money on pods and play your part in the preservation of the environment.

Last but not least, they come with a spoon, which makes refills easy and speeds up the process. You also get the perfect amount without the struggle of weighing and balancing the coffee.

Users warn against filling the capsules to the brim because doing so will lead to water facing difficulty in pushing its way through. Therefore, before you break the seal, leave some room for water in order to produce more flavorful and delicious coffee. For the best results, use a fine grind. Anything that is too rough on the machine will cause problems. 

How to reuse your Nespresso capsules

You can get the perfect, most delicious espresso using sealed capsules in the Nespresso machine. The capsules keep the coffee fresh and flavorful. But, you should try some of these methods out by yourself. It can be quite rewarding to get a second cup of coffee from the same capsule. 

Method #1: Reuse your capsules

This way is the easiest if you want to get another espresso. You only have to sacrifice some flavor and caffeine.

After pouring a good amount of espresso using a new Nespresso capsule, just insert the used capsule into the machine again and pour another cup like the one before. 

There is almost always enough oomph remaining in the grounds, so you can use them again and still get a nice espresso-based drink in return. If you choose to recycle your coffee pods – check out these creative ideas.

Method #2: Aluminum foil to the rescue

This method is more complicated than the others; however, upon following all the instructions down to a T, it can give you a delicious serving of espresso. 

  1. Remove Foil: Remove the aluminum covering from the area that has been pierced. Use a sharp knife for this.
  2. Empty capsule: Clean out the old pods and dump the coffee leftovers in the bin or compost. If you dispose of them in your sink, it might cause a clog.
  3. Clean capsule: Wash out the remnants of coffee grounds from the pod and dry it off.
  4. Refill:  Add about one and a half to two teaspoons of your favorite fine grind to the dry pod. Press with a light touch to even out the grounds, but don’t tamp them down. 
  5. Aluminum cover: Take a segment of the shiny foil which will act as a covering for the capsule’s mouth. The border of the foil should be folded underneath the capsule’s rim.
  6. Neatness: Wrap the extra foil tightly around the rim of the capsule so that it looks brand new. Make sure the capsule keeps its shape. There should be no bumps or excess foil sticking out. 
  7. Brew your coffee: Insert the capsule and brew your coffee. Now you can savor the drink made from your very own homemade capsule. 

It is to note that this method may not always work. According to some reports, the machine completely refuses to work. The machine could just produce boiling water without any espresso in it. Or it could result in the machine becoming filled with coffee remains, which means it will need repair work.

Therefore, make your foil pod look similar to the original one to avoid any trouble. See the following link for more Nespresso compatible coffee capsule brewing tips.

Method #3: My-Cap Pods

Reusing capsules just got easier! Now all you have to do is to incorporate My-Cap capsules in your coffee set.

The forms of these capsules differ and are more successful than the method involving aluminum foil.

The equipment that must be bought alongside these capsules can prove expensive. However, with you being a coffee lover, it will provide you with long-term benefits. It also protects your surroundings from plastic cup waste.

Furthermore, you can experiment with various roasted coffee beans and blends than the ones available in the sealed cups. This gives you more control as you can then consume your favorite coffee. You can read some reviews of My-Cap here.

Here are some more useful tips for Nespresso Coffee Machine owners:

The bottom line

Nespresso does not recommend that Nespresso Capsules be used more than once. However, users can get more than one brew from a capsule if they want through other methods. The strength, taste, and aroma of your drink will likely be of lesser quality, though.

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