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Being in New York, coffee might be something you want to find. You can always find it when you are walking around. It is everywhere. You can find it almost on every corner, or at least heading to the corner.

There is Dunkin’, Starbucks, Panera, or even a burger place. It is all over the city. And, when you are a person who likes a good cup of coffee you will search far and wide to get a good cup. You don’t want just a cup of coffee. You want a cup that is rich and fresh and has the taste of a real cup that is being made and not out of a regular machine that might make 30 to 50 cups (and they do exist) that can put one in a paper cup and hand it to you for a few bucks. You want something to taste and go back to when you need it.

And finding the right cup of coffee might not just be what you want, but also the app you might want to use. That would make the coffee you want quick and easy to get to as you run on by. That is the way we live in New York no matter which way you go.

So, it was surprising to learn about a new place that is literally in the New York Subway system underground. It is a place you can pick up a cup as you are heading off the subway and into the city itself. This is DOWN UNDER COFFEE.

Having the COFFEESUP app on your phone makes it easier for you. Especially if you are going from the subway to the street, or maybe the other way. 


With the CoffeesUp app, you can instantly access the app installed on your mobile device even on your PC. CoffeesUp allows you to browse, play, order, chat, and more. But when you are in need of a cup of coffee, the app can be fast to use.

If you have other apps on your phone right now (Android 11 and higher are easier), then install the CoffeesUp app. It only takes a minute to use. As you do this, you will be signing up for a monthly subscription to use the app. 

There’s a 14-day free trial that users can access where they can redeem 3 free coffees per week over this trial (totaling 6 free coffees). Then for subscribers who pay, it’s $8 a month for 3 coffees per week, totaling 12 each month. If you want more you can pay for more. If you want to cancel you can do that as well. It is your choice.

Once you have signed on and are confirmed then you are in. That is easy in the way we live. From there you can order the coffee you want. It should be ready by the time you are there. Then just grab the cup and you can go. No reason for anything else. Whatever you ordered is waiting for you.

Many other places do this. It depends on where you are and what coffee you like as you are on your way. Again, it is your choice.


For me, grabbing a cup in New York is normal. But finding a new cup is tough. This was a time to give Down Under Coffee a chance. This time I had the CoffeesUp app in hand and we placed the order before we got there.

down under coffee
My cup of Down Under Coffee. Photo by Ron Rossi

We stepped inside the small shop and looked at the menu. There is a variety of coffee to choose from. Yes, you can get a regular cup, but you can also try an espresso, a cappuccino, a latte, and even an Americano. There is a variety to choose from. Maybe it’s an iced coffee. Or maybe it is from a special brew. It is your place to decide when you are there.

I prefer a regular cup this time. I am a serious coffee drinker. I can have a triple espresso in the morning with no problem. When I spent a few weeks in Europe last year that was typical. A triple in the morning and maybe a double after dinner. The fresher the better. But this time, a regular coffee was ideal as I was heading out to a meeting.

I ordered my cup off the CoffeesUp app before I got into the shop. I expected it to be ready. It was not. Instead, I had to ask for my cup and I waited while it was poured out of the machine. This only took 1 minute. That was it. Nothing special. I did not see how they made it. It was a cup of coffee from the machine and that was it.

For my colleague, they did make a cappuccino. That was a traditional cup of coffee that was topped with creamy milk that keeps a swirl in it to make it look nice.

Everything is placed in a paper cup. There is no real coffee cup that can be used if you could sit down. In this instance, you are expected to take the cup and head outside. At least you can cross the street and sit in Central Park.


Besides the coffee, you can get a pastry or a donut. It is something to try as you drink your cup. You can even order it online before you go in, although it is better to get one when you are there. The pastries look fresh.

down under coffee new york
A Bite to eat. Photo by Ron Rossi

They are made here. There is a good assortment that you can try. It is sweet and tasty. You can have one or more. Your choice on what you might want. Even the donuts look fine. We grabbed donuts.

I did notice there are also some sandwiches to select from. These are already made available. It all looks good and freshly made earlier in the day. It is perfect if you need to grab something as you move along.


CoffeesUp is handy and convenient to use. You can order your coffee, or pastries before you even get there. With the way we can go into a location today, you can order your items before you even step inside.

Naturally, ordering by an “app” is something many small shops and stores consider you to do. Whether you are here in New York, or even overseas, an app is something many people can use. There is no fuss. No need to pull out a card. Not even a reason to look at a menu on a wall. It does make it simple and easy. You can order, pay and have it waiting for you as you step inside and before you go. It is there. Just put it on your phone and you are done.

One thing with Down Under Coffee is that for the first 14 days you can have your CoffeesUp app on the phone for free. After that, you are charged to use it. This is $8 per month for 3 coffees per week, totaling 12 each month.. It is like most places. You can order while you stand on line and then receive it when you are next. Very direct.


If you need to grab a cup and you are running through the subway in New York, then Down Under Coffee is worth the stop. And with the CoffeesUp app you can order it here, or any other location where the app will work. It makes it easier for you as you are on your way to another place. 

Overall, Down Under Coffee is fast. It does not take a long time. The prices are just like any other coffee place you would go to. It is fast. It is easy. It is cheap. It seems a bit more pricey than from a burger place, but when compared to the competition it is the same.

Down Under Coffee does seem to charge extra for a few items such as whip cream or anything else you take on your beverage. Everything has a price. The more you order, the more you pay.

For Down Under Coffee they make a good cup. For the CoffeesUp app there is nothing out of the ordinary. But then I drink a lot of coffee. I like it freshly made not only in New York but in other places I visit in the U.S. and overseas. I like coffee and take my time. If you are on the run then the coffee, and this app, are perfect. 

Maybe you would need another cup. And another app.


Down Under Coffee

1000 S 8th Ave
New York, NY 10019

NOTE: This is in the Market that is underground as you head into the New York Subway system. It is just off the center of Columbus Circle and opposite Central Park. There are other vendors near it.

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