Thursday Kitchen in NYC Brings Korean Fusion Tapas to the Lower East Side

Thursday Kitchen
A “soupy and spicy” take on gnocchi. Korean chili pepper sauce garnished with a seaweed crunch, garlic aioli and sunflower seeds. Photo by Emma Rudy
By Emma Rudy


If its not already clear, Thursday Kitchen in NYC has become the new hot stop for dining well and not breaking the bank. But it’s more than that. Chef Kay is a culinary master who turns her passion for diverse cooking into creative tapas-style masterpieces. Focusing on the concept of New Korean cuisine do not be intimidated by the unique touches that are added to your normal sweet potato fry appetizer, or your classic Italian gnocchi entree. 

Chef Kays South Korean background, knowledge of French cuisine, and her love for Spanish food are uniquely represented in each dish. As you feast away on the angry sweet potato,” thick cuts of fried sweet potato next to a generous heap of sriracha, goat cheese, and cayenne pepper.

thursday kitchen nyc
The “Angry sweet potato” at Thursday Kitchen in NYC. Thick cuts of fried sweet potato with spicy sriracha goat cheese and cayenne pepper. Photo by Emma Rudy

The gnocchi, a soupy and spicy Korean chili pepper base topped with garlic aioli and a crunchy seaweed cracker; The edamame dumpling sprinkled with citrus truffle oil bursting flavor in your mouth as you crunch on the baby green pepper garnish.

The steak cooked only medium-rare marinated in a soy glaze along with feta grits and baby kale, you notice that each item on the menu never leaves out an ingredient from the Chefs home. 

The dimly lit lights hanging from table to table in their outdoor seating sets for a relaxed evening dining feel. Your neighboring tables are all drinking what looks like glow-in-the-dark Capri Sun juice boxes.

These are soju cocktails, and like most of us who make a face when we are told it is not real booze, the waiter laughs. These are very strong cocktails,” she says. Not only are they boozy but they are tangy, powerful, and delicious. 

The best part about Thursday Kitchen NYC is each dish falls under $15. It’s a rewarding feeling being able to dine at a restaurant that is part of a revolution of fusion foods, which has become increasingly popular in recent culinary practices.

Even if you have to take multiple trips to Thursday Kitchen, try everything on that damn menu. It is that good.

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