Boost your energy at the office with perfect food chart

​Many office workers find themselves sapped of energy once the afternoon slump strikes. Such energy drains often occur due to a lack of activity or boredom, so it’s important to switch things up at work as much as possible to give yourself the energy boost you need.

Eat well

Sugary snacks and high-calorie junk food is usually the norm in an office environment and does much to contribute to the lack of energy around the workplace once we’ve come down from the initial sugar high.

It’s important to have healthy alternatives to the vending machine so you can boost your energy in a natural way. Fruitful Office delivers baskets of fresh and seasonal fruit straight to your office door on a daily basis, so you can have a wide variety of delicious fruit to choose from.

The wonderful vitamins and minerals of fruit help to boost your energy at the office, and keep you healthy and happy.

Aside from fruit, it’s a good idea to have plenty of protein for breakfast and for lunch to keep your energy levels maintained throughout the day. Bring some low-fat yogurt, nuts and hummus to work that you can enjoy alongside your fresh fruit.

Get outside

Even if you don’t have that much time during the day to take a break, make sure your break is spent outside. The fresh air is important when it comes to giving your brain a break, and enough UV light exposure increases levels of serotonin, whichhas a steadying, calming effect – this will further allow you to stave off fatigue and return to the office feeling refreshed and ready for new challenges.

Even just 20 minutes outside can do wonders for your outlook. However, it’s important to take frequent breaks too, so take some time every few hours to move around the office, have a chat or step outside for a moment.

Keep your focus

If you think that your focus is beginning to wane, it can actually help to pop on your headphones and listen to your favourite tunes. Fast, up-tempo beats can help to stimulate the brain and cause you to keep a sharp focus as you work.

Just like your favourite music can cause you to push yourself further during a physical workout, listening to music as you work can encourage you to be more productive.

Take a deep breath

When you’re feeling stressed and caught up in your work, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Taking deep breaths is a great way to supercharge your energy levels and stops you from feeling tired. It can help when it comes to dealing with excess pressure, and lets you tackle your work from a new perspective.

Sit up straight, inhale slowly and exhale in full. Repeat this a few times and you’ll notice the benefits.

Overall, feeling slow and sluggish at work is no fun, so try these tips to boost your energy at the office and start feeling like yourself again.

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