Food Trucks Wanted for Queens International Night Market

The Queens International Night Market is seeking new and established food vendors and artists to participate in its inaugural 2015 season, starting in just two weeks, on April 25th.

Although NYC doesn’t have a night market (yet), the concept of night markets is a very familiar one in other parts of the world, including Asia, Latin America, Africa, and parts of Europe. And the concept is increasingly familiar in North America, as night markets have been popping up in many major cities, such as LA, San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia, Vancouver, and Toronto.

The organizers of the Queens International Night Market are hoping to showcase over 100 vendors, with approximately half of the stalls reserved for food vendors.

It is launching on April 25th and will operate on at least 16 Saturday evenings through the spring and summer. It will be held outdoors at the New York Hall of Science, part of Flushing Meadows Corona Park, from 6pm until midnight.

The Night Market wants to highlight as much of the cultural and ethnic diversity of NYC as possible through casual and affordable street food. Apparently there are an overwhelming number of Asian food applicants, and the organizers are pushing hard for more Latin American, South Asian, Middle Eastern, and Eastern European participation to stay true to the international theme of the vision.

Organizers are unsure how many food trucks they will be allowed to accommodate because of space and permitting concerns, so are encouraging vendors to step out of their trucks and under some tents. Tents are being included with the $100 nightly food vendor fee – the fee is $30-50 for artists and retailers. Access to venue-provided electricity and large advertising displays are extra.

The Night Market is trying to differentiate itself by charging lower vendor fees (often a fraction of those charged by existing markets), and asking vendors to help pass those savings on to visitors. The organizers are trying to maintain a $5 price cap on most food items, hoping that this will attract thousands of visitors from a price-sensitive consumer base, while also encourage more sampling from different booths.

There is no minimum commitment, although vendors offering underrepresented street foods and those who apply for more dates will be given priority.

Major press presence (including three of NYC’s biggest media outlets) is expected on opening night.

The Queens International Night Market represents a chance to become a part of a fun, unique, and exciting new cultural event, while also generating great publicity for its participating vendors.

More information and the vendor applications are available on their website:

They can also be reached at:

Email: vendor [at]