Good Diner in Staten Island? We Checked Annadale Terrace

Annadale Terrace staten island
By Ron Rossi

It’s Diner Day…

Once in a while, it’s a day to eat at a diner. It’s there. It’s basic. It has what you want. And it’s at a price you can afford. That’s the nature of a diner in your neighborhood and probably where you used to go when you were a kid. So, this was a day we wanted to go back to a diner. We were limited where to go so we found something new. This was an upscale dinner, pure and simple. You come to Annadale Terrace in Staten Island and you can see that it’s a step above a traditional diner. It’s elegant, spacious and has a great atmosphere. 

The important part, once you enter and have a table to sit at, is how the meal is made. That, in any diner, is the most important thing. And like any diner, there is a lot to select from here. You can start with breakfast and work your way through dinner. There is everything from eggs and omelets, to french toast or pancakes. 

Work your way into lunch and there are sandwiches, salads, soups, and hamburgers of all varieties. Then move on to dinner and have steaks, fries, chicken, seafood, or pasta. There are pages and pages to select from. Of course, there is dessert when you are finished. Pies, cakes, muffins, ice cream, and puddings. It is all here for you to select from. It’s worth the effort to try and see what you like. 

The service is ideal (in the way we now live). They are there to help you out. There is no rush. It’s wonderful. And the prices are right. Not expensive for what you are getting from a diner. 

Annadale Terrace: It’s a Beautiful Diner

We came to Annadale Terrace with friends from out of town. We hadn’t been together for so long so we decided that this day we would go to a diner. People in the neighborhood all recommended Annadale Diner as the place to go. And they were not wrong on that. When you arrive, it’s a beautiful place to visit. It’s modern and upscale. There is dining inside and outside on the terrace. It even has an area inside that can handle events when you want to visit or have one inside. The owners can handle everything.

Of course, with Annadale, it’s not like your local diner. This is a step above in design. As for the taste, it’s a basic dinner. Good, fresh, and tasty. It doesn’t have anything special. There’s nothing unique when it comes to that. It’s beautiful to look at, but it is a diner.

This is what happens when you come to the diner. If you do not know what you want, when you open the menu you seem to have everything and more. Where do you start? Is it breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Or is it more than that? Everyone has their choice at that time of the day. It doesn’t really matter. Find what you want and order what you want. It is that simple.

At our table, for lunch, we took our time as to what to have. We talked with each other and then narrowed down to what we wanted to eat.

The waiter came over to our table with his mask on (as is now needed) and walked us through our order. He asked each of us what we wanted for our main course. That is the way to start. 

Starting with Fried Calamari

As it turned out we had 2 orders of hamburgers and fries. Our friends had an order of spinach wraps. One had a spinach omelet. And one finally had a French di, salads, and french dip sandwich. We also ordered a few small salads to go with our spinach wraps and the omelet. 

We also started with a large side order of fried calamari for the table. And, of course, pickles and coleslaw. It’s a usual dinner.  The waiter took the order, but before he did he did what we wanted to drink. For that, it was ice tea, sodas, and water. With that take, he left to place the order.

staten island diners
Fried Calamari

A time to start eating…

The first thing the waiter did was bring back the drinks and the plates. After that, it didn’t take long at all.

First up was the fried calamari. The plate was large enough as a starter for the group. We each had a few with a side of sauce. It was a great way to start the meal. The calamari was fresh and warm. It was lightly breaded and crisp. With a little sauce, it was great. Really nice to have after not having it in a while. This was nice, and a good way to start.

After that was finished our meals came forward.

Spinach Wraps and The Omelette

The spinach wraps were a good size. You could actually split the one wrap for two people. But, this being a diner, they always give you large orders for each individual. In this case the wrap was fresh and warm. It was a bit over grilled but it was fresh. And it had the spinach you would want inside.

The omelet was large. It was cooked just right. It had a fair amount of spinach inside. And with a touch of swiss inside to support it. On the side was a small order of french fries to support it as well. 

Spinach Omellte and Fries Annadale Terrace
Spinach Omlete and fries. Photo: Ron Rossi

Burgers With Cheese

Next, the two orders of hamburgers came up. These were large hamburgers. One was with swiss cheese on top. The other hamburger was with American cheese and bacon. Very typical as well. Both cooked medium-rare. And both with a big side of French fries. This is an order we all find in a diner when we go there. This was not different. It was large, juicy, and warm. You have to cut it in half to eat each section.

Annadale diner
The Cheeseburgers. Photo: Ron Rossi

Finally, the French Dip sandwich came to the table. It was large. Roast beef in a French bread sandwich that was well cooked. It came with a bowl of French dip that you can cut your sandwich and dip it into the bowl to get moisture and a flavor. This was a good way to do it, especially if you have not done this in some time. It was large and at a point needed to be eaten without some of the bread since there was so much. Again, it is a diner.

annadale diner staten island French
Dip Sandwich. Photo: Ron Rossi

The small salads that came with some orders served their purpose. It was green, fresh and a good compliment for what was being eaten.

Desert Time at Annadale Diner. Pudding Time

It took us time to eat the meal. But we were finished with a few orders being wrapped up to be taken home.

But of course, it was now time for dessert. As we all joke about not being hungry we naturally look. In this case, we weren’t hungry but two of us said we would split a dessert. In this case, we both wanted the Rice Pudding. This is an old standard that some of us still like. That is why we took a look and decided to order it.

Well, the bowl was actually a big cup. It was filled with pudding and topped with fresh whipped cream. This was a good vision to have. There was so much we each took a spoon and took a few scoops each to try the pubbing. It was right. Especially again after a large main meal. 

staten island diner
The Rice Pudding. Photo: Ron Rossi

The Rice Pudding was creamy, sweet, moist, and rich. The correct complement to what we had for our lunch. It was just the right amount after the full meal and conversation. Just enough to end the lunch we now had.

The End of Our Diner Day…

When the meal was over we received the bill and took care of it. It really is well priced being at a diner. You get a great deal of food at a low price. It never changes where you go. It’s always about the same here in Annadale Terrace, and even if you went across the country. A diner price is a basic price. 

It’s also a basic meal. Nothing is too fancy. It might offer a variety. Again, hamburgers, eggs. Chicken and steaks. French fries everywhere. And don’t forget the desert. Always sweet and something we can well imagine. 

How Many Stars?

Nothing was different with Annadale Diner. It was good, fresh, warm, and it was a large portion. But it was a diner. And after having been to many diners before you can always find a good or bad diner

Annadale Terrace was a good diner. I give it three (3) Stars.

It’s a basic diner. You have been here today in a beautiful place and good food. Tomorrow you can always find another diner with the same items on the menu.

We had a good time and enjoyed it. It’s worth a visit when you’re in the mood for this type of eating, or if it’s your Diner Day…



801 Annadale Road

Staten Island, NY 10312

Phone: 718-967-5900

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