What Is Nitro Coffee? How To Make Home Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

what is nitro coffee

Do you know how many iced coffee varieties there are at your favorite coffee shop? A lot, that’s how many. And it could sometimes get confusing. Not surprising, really, because the coffee industry has undergone rapid changes in the past few years. Coffee shop owners and baristas continuously come up with unique and creative drinks. 

Lately, the emerging trend is a cold brew called nitro coffee—a cold coffee infused with pressurized, nitrogen gas. Nitrogen coffee has actually been around for years, but it seems to be gaining in popularity; probably when popular coffee shops got into the act and started producing nitro coffee. 

Besides, nitro coffee makes for a less acidic coffee, but without sacrificing its caffeine kick, which is perfect for people who suffer from hyperacidity. It also doesn’t need cream or sugar, as nitrogen imparts a sweet flavor to the beverage.    

The origin story of this coffee actually has different versions—three, in fact—one story put its birthplace in Oregon, another in Texas, and another in New York. Wherever its birthplace is, nitro coffee has gained a significant foothold among coffee aficionados. If you’re one of them, you can find Home Nitro Cold Brew equipment and satisfy your cold brew cravings at the comfort of your kitchen. 

So, What Is Nitro Coffee, Anyway?

The technique of infusing a cold drink with nitrogen is actually borrowed from beer aficionados who brew their own beer—the homebrewers. They use nitrogen to give their nitro draft beer a rich, creamy head. But, what is nitro coffee, anyway?  The cold brew is undoubtedly delicious, but it isn’t exactly easy to make. 

Well, it’s fairly easy, provided you have the proper equipment. What’s tricky is making the cold brew coffee. Luckily, this article got you covered. 

How To Make Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

Having answered the question, “What is nitro cold brew?” below is a description of how to make your own nitro cold brew at home. 

1. Making Your Cold Brew Coffee

Using a French press, according to some people, is the easiest way to make your own cold brew. There are also available cold brew bags you can use for this step. The reusable ones are more convenient. Just add a cup of ground coffee to four cups of cold, filtered water.  

how to make nitro cold brew coffeeThe type of roast you use will depend on how you like your coffee, whether you want it high-octane or not. Coarsely ground coffee is best, which you can grind yourself if you’re so inclined. You can also have your beans ground at your favorite coffee shop. Keep the mixture in your fridge for, at least, 18 hours to steep. However, some people think that eight to ten hours of steeping the mixture is sufficient. 

After the steeping process, remove the coffee grounds by pushing down the handle on the French press. If you want it colder, pour the coffee over ice—and voila! You now have your cold brew. As an alternative to the French press, you can use a glass or plastic container to steep your coffee. It’d take a few extra steps though. You’ll also have to use a fine mesh filter or maybe a cheesecloth to remove the coffee grounds completely. 

It’s also possible that you’d have to repeat the straining process to make sure that the brew is free from coffee grounds. Grounds must be thoroughly filtered out to remove any bitter taste from the brew. If you think this step takes too much work, keep in mind that you can purchase a pre-made cold brew.

2. Making Cold Foam

This step in the quest of how to make Nitro Cold Brew Coffee may be optional, but fans of this beverage maintain that leaving out that foam layer is tantamount to blasphemy. Nitro coffee fanboys and girls, right? Anyway, you’re going to need the proper equipment for this—a hand-held milk frother will do nicely. 

This brings us to the type of milk to use. Using full cream milk or whole milk results in a thicker, creamier foam, which gives a full-bodied flavor to your coffee. On the other hand, low-fat or skim milk is many degrees lighter; they create more foam, as well as more air bubbles. This would make for a delicate beverage—great for your nitro coffee.

3. Your Own Nitro Coffee At Home

The resulting cold brew you made so far is technically ready to drink. The third step, however, is where you’ll finally get your very own nitro coffee. This is also the easiest as your equipment will take care of the actual nitrogen infusion. 

Set up your nitro cold brew machine, and just load the cold brew into the mini-keg, make sure the refillable cartridges are loaded into the unit, and you’re good to go. In any case, you can just follow the instructions, and pretty soon, you’ll have your favorite beverage in your hand.  


Nitro coffee has been around for a few years, but it gained popularity when popular coffee shops started making them. Nitro coffee doesn’t need cream or sugar, as nitrogen gives it a hint of sweetness. I hope this article helped you learn how to make Nitro Cold Brew Coffee. With the proper equipment, home-brewed nitro coffee is fairly easy to make.