Mushroom Growing From Home: A How-to Guide on Using a Kit

Mushroom Growing guide

Are you a garden geek? I mean, do you love planting flowers and vegetables in your garden (even in a mini one)? I am one of them. I have tried planting carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, okra, bell peppers, and whatnot. However, this time, I wondered if growing mushroom at home is easier, and of all – is it possible.

There are hundreds of varieties of mushrooms, each demanding different climatic conditions. Guess what! I did grow a mushroom at home. How? Using mushroom growing from home kit! You can get a kit for every type of mushroom, from Lion’s mane to Oysters. All you have to do is read the instruction and follow it.

Here, you will read a mushroom growing guide on how to grow a mushroom by yourself using a kit. Before we start off, let’s discuss a few basic questions.

Can you grow mushrooms at home?

Well, the answer is Yes. You can definitely grow mushrooms at home, but not all of them. I already stated the reason in the introduction part. 

You can’t grow morels or black truffles. They are out of the league, plus too expensive. From the research, I figured a mushroom that beginners should grow is Oysters. They are fast-growing and can thrive in the substrate made of coffee beans and straws as well. Also, these things make it low maintenance.

Another type of mushroom that I love growing is Lion’s Mane mushroom, which is a funny-looking tasty fungus. Why is it called that way? Because of its long white spines that look like the manes of a lion. Being very popular in Chinese medicine, Lion’s Mane is beneficial to health.

Apart from that, if you want to grow something fancy, mushroom kits are the best option!

What are mushroom growing kits?

The mushroom growing kits are pre-mix substrate ready to fruit. You just have to give the fruiting block the right amount of humidity and moisture to see the full-grown mushrooms on the desk. 

This substrate block is made on the farm weeks before sending you. There will be a white layer on the block. It is a mycelium – a living organism that fruits mushrooms. If you are new to the kit growing, I would recommend going for oyster mushroom only. Why? They grow quickly and won’t disappoint you.

How to use mushroom growing from home kits?

Well, it is not that hard if you follow the proper instructions. If you plan to use a few of the kits afterward, make sure they are stored in the refrigerator to keep the mycelium dormant.

So moving on to the growing mushroom from the kit.

Mushroom GrowingYour Mushroom Growing Guide:

#1: Open the box and take out an instruction card and a spray bottle (many of them provides this).

At first, you might not like the block and wonder what that white substance is! However, as time will pass, you will love this thing. You can actually grow a mini mushroom farm with this.

#2: Cut open the little window on the box and mark the ‘X’ on the substrate.

Why cut X in a bag? Growing mushroom isn’t that simple, even with kits. Mushroom requires the perfect amount of humidity (high), and for the same purpose is the X cut. The plastic flap will hold the moisture close to the substrate for a longer time.

#3: Now, take out the block, and place it in the water of the bowl. 

When you dip the block in the bowl, make sure the ‘X’ cut is facing down in the water. You will need to keep it that way for a minimum of 6 hours, even keeping overnight is okay. You need to do the above step for rehydrating the substrate, which will start the process of fruiting. 

#4: Keep it back in the box.

After the soaking, dry out the block a little with the towel. You just have to tap the towel on the block. Don’t be too harsh. The reason for the necessity of this step is that your box should not get wet. Mushroom does need high humidity but not over and definitely not paper. 

#5: Sprinkle water on the crossed area 2 to 3 times per day (for a few days).

Now keep the box horizontally, but make sure it isn’t in the direct sunlight. As it will damage and hinder the growth of mushrooms. Within a couple of days, you will see the ‘Pinning’ – a sign of mushroom growing. 

Once you see the pinning, stand the box vertically and keep watering as instructed. Within a week or two, you will be able to have your homegrown mushroom.

Oh, by the way, many mushroom kits provide delicious recipes to try on. If not the template, you will find them on their website. Harvest your juicy mushrooms and try on that recipe. Don’t throw away the block. You can use them again. The substrate block can continue to grow mushroom until all the nutrients are spent.

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