Bagel Topping Ideas To Try Instead of Cream Cheese

Bagel topping
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Searching for a few great bagel topping ideas? you’ve reached the right place. Cream cheese is probably the most popular choice for a bagel but there are so many different options. You can even opt for a sweet bagel for breakfast or dessert. Toasting bagels are usually a given but you can also eat bagels cold. Bagels are a very versatile food and here are a few suggestions of different toppings you can try and maybe find your new favourite!

Sweet Bagel Topping Ideas

Peanut butter and granola – Peanut butter is a great topping for almost anything and this includes bagels. If you are using creamy peanut butter, the granola adds a bit of crunch and can elevate the flavours to be basically anything you like.

Nutella and banana – Perfect for a quick breakfast treat or even a dessert bagel. Spread Nutella thick on a toasted bagel half and add sliced banana, eat before it goes cold. You can try peanut butter instead of Nutella if you like.

Greek yoghurt and fruit – Instead of cream cheese, try Greek yoghurt. This sweet bagel is a great option for a substantial breakfast on the go. If you like yoghurt and fruit for breakfast but find that you need something a little more filling that will keep you going throughout your morning, add a bagel into the mix.

Bagel topping ideas
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Savoury Bagel Toppings

Smoked salmon – Any classic Jewish deli will tell you that smoked salmon (or lox) was meant to be on top of a bagel!

Avocado and poached egg – this is a better alternative to the standard avocado toast. Avocado is a great substitute for cream cheese because it is creamy and versatile.

Bacon, egg, and cheese – for a delicious breakfast sandwich add crispy bacon, egg and melted cheese between two toasted bagel halves.

Pizza bagel – make your own bagel bites by topping off your bagel with tomato sauce and mozzarella. Keep it simple with just those two margarita pizza ingredients or add whatever toppings you like to enhance your pizza bagel experience.

Pastrami – another favourite option from any Jewish deli is pastrami (a type of cured meat similar to roast beef but rubbed with delicious spices) A slice of cheese, pastrami, sauerkraut and grainy mustard and you have got a perfect bagel sandwich.

The Elvis – This is peanut butter, banana, and bacon. It is a strange mix of flavours when written down, but it was one of Elvis’ favourite combinations. The mix of sweet, salty, smoky, and creamy goes to make one of the best combinations for a bagel but I would advise that you keep to a plain bagel for this one. Try it – you might surprise yourself.

Stuffed egg and cheese bagel boat – stuff your bagel with egg, cheese, and veggies and then bake it. This recipe is a cross between a breakfast bagel and a frittata and is a perfect breakfast treat with you having the time to make it.

Chicken Parmesan – instead of having a chicken parmesan on a plate and struggling to mop up all the extra marinara sauce, put it inside a bagel. You can even add more cheese because the bagel is going to help keep all the ingredients together in an easy to eat sandwich-style chicken parmesan.

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