5 Foods Your Dentist Will Approve Of

Foods Your Dentist Will Approve Of
Cheese is good for your teeth. Photo by Azzedine Rouichi on Unsplash.com

Making healthy food choices can be difficult, especially when eating out. And while many focus on the calories or macros, we don’t want to forget what foods will provide us with a beautiful smile. 

Fortunately, most of the foods your dentist would love also overlap with what’s healthiest for you overall. If you’re ready to start eating to boost your health and dental hygiene, check out these top 5 foods dentists recommend so you can save time, money, and pain at your yearly checkup.

1. Nuts

When asked how to prevent expensive dental emergencies, many dentists recommend incorporating nuts into your diet. 

The crunching motion of chewing nuts will produce extra saliva, so you’re cleansing your teeth with every bite. Nuts are jam-packed with goodness like phosphorus and calcium. What’s more, peanuts are full of calcium and vitamin D, which are beneficial for teeth and gums. Cashew nuts are the ultimate choice as they have a variety of vitamins and minerals, including iron, folic acid, magnesium, and zinc.

2. Carrot Sticks

Want to snack while also fighting off pesky cavities? Look no further than carrots. These little orange vegetables are packed with vitamins and nutrients that your teeth need to stay strong and healthy. 

One of these important proteins that you’ll find is the plaque-attacking keratin. In addition to vitamin A, keratin will strengthen your tooth enamel, thereby reinforcing your teeth so they can protect themselves against cavities. 

In addition to its content, it also provides a benefit similar to nuts. The motion of chewing these crunchy veggies disrupts bacteria-filled plaque and cleans teeth and gums in the process.

3. Green Tea

Green tea is often hailed as one of the healthiest drink options. Health claims include clear skin, lots of energy, and, as you may guess, shiny white teeth. 

The antioxidants in green tea kill bacteria, destroying the plaque on your teeth. It also lowers the acidity of your saliva, making your teeth stronger and less prone to damage. 

These teas also contain fluoride, which prevents both tooth decay and strengthens your teeth’s enamel. It’s time to switch out your black coffee for green tea and see the results. 

4. Apples

An apple a day doesn’t just keep the doctor a day — it also keeps the dentist off your back. 

Apples are naturally sweet, which lowers the acidity in your mouth, much like green tea. This strengthens your teeth’s enamel while also making your teeth less prone to erosion. Chewing an apple works in the same way as raw carrots: the process of chewing actively cleanses your palette at the same time.

5. Cheese

Everyone loves cheese — it turns bread into an instant meal, you can snack on it throughout the day, and the best part is that your dentist approves of it. 

Cheese contains lots of calcium, which strengthens your bones and your teeth. Cheese is also another saliva maker that’s good for teeth cleaning. 

Cheese can also work to rebuild your enamel and return the lost calcium or phosphates that your teeth have lost when you eat other foods. While it may not be a total replacement for brushing with toothpaste, it’s certainly better than other foods that leave higher levels of acidity that work away at your enamel. 

Here are some more useful tips from Andrew Greenberger, D.M.D:

Switch Out Sugary Snacks For These Alternatives

Making some of these simple swaps can change your visit to the dentist. If eating some cheese and apples helps you avoid expensive bills and painful dentist visits, it’s worth the switch. Next time, when you’re at the office, pick up some nuts or carrot sticks instead of your usual donut and see how your dental visits change.

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