What’s in Future for Food Trucks? Watch This Ultimate Infographic

future for food trucks

There are all sorts of food trends every year: paleo, low-carb, low-sugar, smoothies. Some of them have staying power—and some don’t. But one food trend that looks to be here for the long haul? Food trucks.

Food trucks have spread from isolated urban areas—think the hip enclave of Portland, Oregon—to communities both big and small. Some are specialty food trucks, doling out all sorts of varieties of grilled cheese or ice cream. Some might be themed by an ethnic type of food—Mexican or pizza to name just two popular versions. And while once you might only find a food truck or two in a downtown area, food trucks have spread to all sorts of developments and community types, from suburban to industrial.

So what’s the future for food trucks? Well, there’s a growing number of them that focus on niche environments, such as kid-friendly food or locally sourced. Learn more about this dynamic with this graphic.

Street food stepping up food trucks continue to drive interest

Infographic by: https://zerocater.com.