Is Frozen Yogurt a Healthy Street-Food Choice?

frozen yogurt

If you’ve spotted more and more frozen yogurt stalls popping up in your local area, you might have been tempted — especially for those vendors marketing themselves as a health food option. We’ve covered some frozen yogurts in New York, like Uncle Gussy’s Greek Frozen Yogurt and YOGO. But is frozen yogurt really good for you? We’re going to have a look at a few of the claims and find out if frozen yogurt is really that of a healthy street food option.

It is low in fat— but can be high in sugar?

If you’re on a low fat diet, you can still fit in plenty of frozen yogurt. But that doesn’t mean it’s totally OK on the health front. Some frozen yogurts are quite high in sugar. This will vary from stall to stall, and yogurt to yogurt, so you might want to check the specific nutritional info of the yogurt in question to see if it’s low enough in sugar for you.

It contains “good bacteria” (most of the time)

Good bacteria like probiotics can be found in lots of frozen yogurts. These have a number of benefits for your health. However, you don’t get them in all frozen yogurts as it depends on when your drink was pasteurized. Pasteurization could kill off the good bacteria, so you’re better off with unpasteurized frozen yogurt if probiotics are something you’re looking for.

Frozen yogurts are good for lactose-intolerant people

If you’re lactose intolerant but still enjoy dairy and other similar products, frozen yogurts could be for you as they contain lower levels of lactose. Not all yogurts will have the same benefits for lactose intolerants so it’s important that you do a bit more research before purchasing one if this is an issue for you.

Check out this video about the topic:

It’s good for bone health

Frozen yogurt is good for bone health and muscle development as it’s relatively high in calcium and can be high in protein.

It’s normally lower calorie than regular ice cream

If you’re looking for a slightly healthy cold dairy treat, frozen yogurt could be for you. It’s often lower in calories when compared to ice cream. But not always, so check the nutritional information carefully. Also, make sure you watch what toppings you put on it, as this could increase the calories a lot.

How to choose the right frozen yogurt

Firstly, check your portion size. This is a lower calorie treat than some, but it isn’t the lowest calorie option. Large portions can still put you over your limit, so stay in check. Make sure you don’t put too many toppings on, as these will increase the calories a lot. Choose the healthier toppings when you can.

You might also want to avoid fat-free versions as these actually contain more sugar. Look for ones with “live cultures” as these are normally probiotics, or good bacteria, which have tons of associated health benefits. One of the healthiest ways to get frozen yogurt is to make it at home — then you know exactly what’s gone into it. If you want to take your frozen yogurts to the next level, a frozen yogurt maker could be the right thing for you.