truck 1

We finally caught up with the Ben & Jerry’s truck that we told you was going to be in NYC for 6 weeks giving away free ice cream.  Ben & Jerry’s has always been a personal favorite of NYSF.  We’ll tell you about the new flavor they gave away today, as well as reveal what our favorite flavor is, after the jump.

free scoop sign

The B&J truck was parked today on 6th Ave between 48th & 49th St, and I must say, it was a little strange seeing bales of hay in the middle of the 6th Ave skyscrapers.  But New Yorkers welcome all – especially those bearing free ice cream.

Service with a smile – and she was wearing a t-shirt of our favorite flavor – Cherry Garcia!


The new flavor given away today was Milk & Cookies.  Vanilla ice cream with chocolate swirls, chocolate chip cookies and chocolate chocolate chip cookies. Wow!  I’m not much of a vanilla person, but this was awesome.  We’ll definitely get it in the future.

milk & cookies

Thanks Ben & Jerry.  We love you guys!