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As I was heading to lunch today, I saw a pink truck in the distance that I wanted to check out further. As I got closer, it turned out to be a new frozen yogurt truck called YOGO that was on the corner of 19th St & 5th Ave. I had never seen them before, so I stopped to talk to the proprietor, Tony. Click through to find out more about YOGO.

Tony told me they were currently doing test runs with the trucks in the off-season, and expect to be on the street full-time next spring. YOGO is so new, they don’t even have a website, email or twitter account set up yet.

sizes & flavors

There are only 2 flavors, tart and vanilla, both of which are fat free. Tony gave me a small taste of each.

The tart was just what it sounds like, a citrus-y frozen yogurt that tasted pretty good. When I tasted the vanilla, it seemed pretty creamy for a frozen yogurt. I’m not sure if it was because I had just tasted the tart yogurt, but the vanilla yogurt was enjoyable. I was a little surprised there was no chocolate flavor, but it appears they have that covered in the toppings department.


YOGO seems to be all about toppings. There are the expected toppings like blueberries, coconut, dark chocolate chips and M&M’s – but they also had more left-field toppings such as mochi, dried marshmallows, apple cinnamon granola and blackberries.

According to Tony, there are 5 YOGO trucks, with most of them currently in the Financial District. I only had a small taste of the yogurts and none of the toppings because I was heading to lunch, but if anyone has tried YOGO, let us know in the comments how you liked it.

At $4 for a small, $6 for a regular and $8 for a large, the prices seem a bit on the high side, but if the toppings are good and plentiful, it may be worthwhile.

Either way, it looks like we’ll be seeing a bunch of YOGO trucks on the street next year.



  1. had my first yogo today and LOVED it! Tony enticed me with a free sample and was immediately sold! I ordered the tart with honey and nuts, it was out of this world. Perfect healthy treat, great service and affordable price (medium size)! the ideal trifecta!!! YoGooooooooo Tony!
    hope to see you on twitter soon so we know where to find you

  2. My new obsession !!! Had a medium vanilla with coconut and chocolate chips Amazing !!!!!what a treat that hits the spot! Tony your really a nice guy as well thanks for the flavor combo suggestion You were right!!! Cannot wait till I see your truck again, I\’m already salivating.

  3. Had the medium tart with honey and nuts. Being a greek from NY, I have to say it was just like mom used to make, only colder. Tony was helpful and on point. I think I have found me new guilt free obsession. Now the trick is going to be tracking him down! YOGO gets and A++

  4. I highly recommend the tart from YOGO. It is the new soft ice cream of our generation. If you don’t have the tongue for it, they also have frozen yogurt which tastes just like soft ice cream without the extra calories. I also noticed that the owners demonstrate extreme cleanliness which is a BIG plus in my book. Hopefully we have seen the last of winter and we can see more of these guys. A+

  5. Had my first YOGO, vanilla with granola “kinda hungry” size while visiting NY, LOVED IT! Complete nutritional lunch without the “added” stuff you don’t want, especially for people on the run like me……………….Tony, thanks for your patience until I “FINALLY” decided what I wanted.

  6. Today on my way home I spotted this pink cute truck called YOGO located on 5ave and 19street which serves frozen yogurt. The gentleman working the truck was kind enough to let me sample 4 flavors which are choclate,peanutbutter,tart and vanilla. I ended up having choclate and peanutbutter twist with sliced almonds and choclate chips and boy I was in heaven!!!!! I highly recommend YOGO and cant wait to go back this week and have the other 2 flavors and there is a large selection on the toppings yummyyyy

  7. Had my first yogo today and LOVED it! I ordered the tart with no toppings. I found the truck downtown and as I ate I kept walking. Before I knew it, it was 23rd street so I continued until I got to work (42nd and Lex) I’m thinking this is the best incentive to get my workout done. I walk to 19th and walk back while eating my treat!

  8. I saw a truck at 19th St recently and gave it a try. Well, I had the vanilla and I’m still talking about it today!! How can I find out where the trucks are located daily? I’m near 42nd & 6th Ave and it seems a truck has been there before? Please let me know…I want a Yogo!!

  9. I LOVE Yogo! This truck is usually near the subway stop near work so I love grabbing some to enjoy on the way home. The vanilla is super creamy and tastes like regular soft serve ice cream. I usually get the chocolate cookie crumbs on top and they always give me a lot. It my favorite way to end the day.

  10. Good afternoon, my name is Ivan Bellini from Brasil and recently was in New York when I was surprised by the ” Yogo Car ” if I may call. I wonder if have information about the possibility of introducing this system in Brasil. I am available. Thank you in advance.

  11. Good afternoon, my name is Ivan Bellini from Brasil and recently was in New York when I was surprised by the \" Yogo Car \" if I may call. I wonder if have information about the possibility of introducing this system in Brasil. I am available. Thank you in advance.


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