These Are the Latest and Most Popular Wedding Food Trends (With Videos!)

Most Popular Wedding Food Trends
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2020 and 2021 were tough for weddings. However, 2022 made things better. 2023 is even more promising. Planning a wedding means finding a good venue, décor, and music. However, your food and drink choices will likely be remembered for long. So, what are the latest wedding food trends?

1. Regional and Sustainable Food

Lately, couples have been interested in local foods. However, this means more than just getting ingredients from local farms. It is about serving food that is native to the region.

Weddings are special events, and they often require travel. If you have guests from various parts of the world, you want to show off the local cuisine. Wedding food can allow you to show off what makes a state, city, or region’s food unique.

This often means focusing on specific ingredients and food items. However, some couples embrace a whole type of cuisine.

Check out this video to see how a couple made their wedding eco-friendly:

The world has gone eco-friendly, and wedding planners are also thinking about the planet. Sustainable indulgence is now one of the most popular wedding food trends. In 2023, more couples will work with sustainable suppliers and local farmers.

2. Bowl Foods

There has been a resurgence of bowl foods in the recent past. They are lighter and healthier than regular foods. Bowl foods include burritos, noodles, and sushi. In addition to having attained royal-wedding-menu status, these foods are very flexible.

Guests are always looking to try new food options. With so many dietary needs to consider, this style allows you to provide many food types. Bowl foods also help minimize waste.

3. Multi-Sensory Experience

Following the 2020 and 2021 restrictions, wedding experts are now excited to give their guests unforgettable experiences. It is no surprise that multi-sensory food experiences have become a hit. 

Think of drinks and foods that don’t just taste good. They look and feel good as well. Multi-sensory dining seeks to stimulate all your senses. 

Here are a few ways that wedding experts create multi-sensory dining experiences:

  • Using lighting, color choices, and beautiful pictures for visual appeal. Some planners recommend creating a wedding photo book. It can include photos of the wedding venue, food, and guests.
  • Cutting out distracting sounds and using music
  • Strategic food arrangement to activate your sense of smell.

Check out this video to understand more:

4. Quirky Desserts

Dessert doesn’t need to be boring. With some creativity, you can put a twist on your display. Younger guests enjoy cute doughnuts, milkshakes, cupcakes, and paper straws. Adults will appreciate quirky cocktails, single-serve pies, taco cones, or lamb fritter lollipops.

Check out this video for a few unique wedding dessert ideas:

5. Street Food Style

Who doesn’t love street food? This food style has now become a popular trend in weddings. Many couples now opt for food carts, vans, and street food vendors. This trend has been around for a while, but it doesn’t need to be slowing down anytime soon. Food trucks will keep getting popular as more people prefer garden wedding venues. This is especially true when having the wedding in your garden.

Check out this video to learn how the food street trend is popular in weddings:

6. Bespoke Drinks

Big-day beverages have to stand out. The options include champagne towers, build-your-own G&T stations, and cocktail bars. Couples now have the chance to offer more than just the basics. Instead of artificial sweeteners, couples use rich and natural options. They include cinnamon sticks, oranges, and pink grapefruit.

Champagne towers have been famous since 2022 and are still in style. Many couples now prefer them over cake displays. They look great in pictures and are perfect for evening weddings.

In conclusion, wedding food trends constantly change, and the future has much in store. From bespoke drinks to quirky desserts, the options are endless. Your wedding food doesn’t need to be boring. Consider the above ideas and give your guests a treat.