The Best Food To Pair With Wine In New York

Wine In New York

Most people don’t need a reason to drink wine. For them, their days will never be complete without sipping a glass. If you’re one of them, good news—this article will let you know what food goes well with wine when you’re in New York. The information you can get from this article can save you time and money when looking for food the moment you want to drink wine.

You can enjoy a lot of health benefits once you drink wine regularly. Aside from being a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, drinking wine can also be a great stress reliever, not to mention a great drink when you’re in a party with friends. For you to improve your wine drinking experience, consider pairing your favorite glass of wine with the following foods:

1. French Fries

Aside from using a wine aerator for you to experience the full taste of your wine, pair it with French fries. This might sound odd for some, but this can actually work. French fries can go well with any kind of wine, but it tastes best once paired with sparkling wine. The bubbles from the sparkling wine complements the saltiness of the fries, allowing you to appreciate both flavors equally. Since French fries are convenient to almost anyone, you can have this pair in different times of the day—even when you’re craving for a midnight snack.

2. Popcorn

Watching a movie will never be complete without popcorn. This food is a staple in every household, especially when the family loves to watch movies together. If you and your family want to add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your viewing experience, pair your popcorn with wine. Because of the popcorn’s buttery taste, a glass of chardonnay can be its perfect match. Aside from delighting your taste buds, everyone would definitely feel fancier when they’re holding a glass of wine.

3. Pizza

If you’ve been to New York, you’d know how different and tasty their pizza is. Unlike pizzas from other parts of the globe, New York-style pizza is usually hand-tossed and contains a light layer of tomato sauce and different kinds of cheese. For you to enjoy your pizza better, pair it up with wine.

Any kind of red wine will work best with pizza because this can bring out the acidic and sweet flavor of the tomato sauce. If you’re making or ordering pizza with the sole purpose of eating it with wine, make sure you’re eating one with red peppers, spinach, and sun-dried tomatoes as your toppings.

4. Glazed pastries

Some people have a sweet tooth, and their meals will never be complete without having any desserts. If you’re one of them, pair glazed pastries with wine. The two can complement each other, leaving your swBest Food To Pair With Wineet tooth satisfied. Although wines such as Moscato has a fruity taste, these can still give off a tart aroma that can be very intoxicating. If you’re not a fan of glazed pastries, consider pairing your wine with orange sorbet or a peach shortcake.

5. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is a necessity during wine tasting events. If you have participated in a wine tasting event in the past, you’d know that these kinds of events will never be complete without a good brand of dark chocolate. Because dark chocolates are packed with powerful and rich flavors, a glass of wine is needed in order to for you to balance out the flavors. If you’re planning to have this pair anytime soon, pick a wine that has hints of red berries, plums, and other earthy aromas.

6. Fruit plate

Most people would want to pair their wines with something sweet. The natural flavors of wine are already strong, and sweetness can certainly complement this flavor. However, if you’re someone who’s health-conscious and have no intention of adding up cholesterol in the body, pair wine with a fruit plate. Because fruits are naturally healthy, you’ll never feel guilty whenever you’re eating this with a bottle of wine. This can be a very budget-friendly option just as long as you have access to affordable and sweet fruits.

Everything in Moderation

Drinking wine can provide a lot of benefits, and knowing the best Food To pair with Wine is priceless, but just like anything else in this world, you should only drink in moderation. Too much wine can increase your chances of experiencing diabetes and even make you susceptible to life-threatening illnesses and diseases. So if you want to enjoy wine for the longest time possible, make sure that you’re also mindful about how often you drink it.