NYSF Review: Falling in Love With Fogo de Chao

Fogo de Chao nyc

By Tiara Budd

I only have one word to describe Fogo de Chao: outstanding. From the decor to the customer service, you truly will eat like a King or Queen from the moment you walk into the door until you have to waddle out (from eating so much!).

I had the pleasure of working with their customer service rep, Jessica, for my dinner and she was absolutely amazing. Jessica anticipated every want that we’d have throughout the night and was so informative about each flavorful dish, which left me feeling as though I learned a lot about southern Brazilian culture and food. If I had to rate my experience dining in the restaurant on a scale of one to ten – I would give it a 20, without a doubt!

The Drink

The Blood Orange Manhattan was a creative spin on an Old Fashioned and won me over immediately. You can immediately taste the bourbon, along with the refreshing sweetness of honey and the tartness of the blood orange. I quickly downed three and could’ve easily had a couple more.

Fogo Chao
Blood Orange Manhattan: I quickly downed three and could’ve easily had a couple more…

Fogo De Chao: The Dishes

Top Sirloin

I tried a variety of dishes throughout the course of the night at Fogo De Chao, but hands-down, I can say that my favorite was the top sirloin. This meat was perfectly cooked (medium rare for me!) and very moist and tender. The savory meat is juicy and the homemade chimichurri sauce means that there will be a pop and explosion in your mouth. The steak is also crispy around the edges and the fat isn’t overbearing or rubbery.

Fogo de Chao
The savory meat is juicy and the homemade chimichurri sauce means that there will be a pop and explosion in your mouth…

Jumbo Shrimp Sauteed With Onions w/ Passion Fruit on Side

If you’re not in the mood for cold shrimp, this is a great substitute. The shrimp is beautifully sauteed and the sauce is the standout. The calm sweetness complements the shrimp really well, which makes for the perfect amount of sweetness.

Fogo de Chao restaurant
Jumbo Shrimp Sautéed With Onions w/ Passion Fruit on Side: The perfect amount of sweetness…

Rack of Lamb

The rack of lamb was another one of my favorites. The meat is very tender and savory and extremely well seasoned. While chowing down, you’ll feel a pop of pepper in your mouth and it goes down easy and smooth.  I had quite a few helpings of this because I was so impressed. Another A+ dish!

Caramelized Banana With Crispy Polenta

A nice switch from all of the meat dishes, if you’re feeling overwhelmed. The polenta is perfectly crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. The banana makes for a nice flavor that isn’t too sweet.

Filet Mignon With Bacon

I was pleasantly surprised that you could immediately taste the bacon on the steak and loved the look of it being wrapped around the filet mignon. The filet is so generously cut and succulent that it feels as though you’re eating butter because it melts in your mouth.

Grilled Cheese With Spicy Honey

This meatless dish is a good balance of spice and sweetness with the honey component. It balances out the queso with a hint of saltiness. Definitely a unique and creative spin on the grilled cheese.

The Dessert

If you still have room to even pick up a spoon for dessert, I highly recommend the papaya cream. Jessica mentioned that this is one of their most popular desserts and I can see why! The fresh papaya is blended with vanilla ice cream and topped with a black currant liqueur. I mixed it up so the liqueur wasn’t too much and the dessert was the perfect end to this delicious meal.

Last Thoughts

If you’re having second thoughts about checking out Fogo de Chao – I’m here to tell you that you absolutely shouldn’t. The ambiance, hospitality, and food make for an amazing date night or group gathering. You will leave raving about the food and wanting to book your next table immediately. Run, don’t walk, to Fogo de Chão before the summer is up and you won’t be disappointed.