10 Most Beautiful Restaurants in NYC

Beautiful Restaurants in NYC

Although a brunch at home on the couch smoothly turning into a dinner certainly has its advantages, such as the couch itself, watching Netflix, and sharing food with your beloved pet, sometimes even such a wonderful tradition can be broken. And we can help you with choosing where to go to enjoy good food in a pleasant environment. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of our 10 most beautiful restaurants in NYC.

Here are NYSF’S 10 Most Beautiful Restaurants in NYC:

1. While We Were Young

183 W 10th St

Tenderness of velvet, cream on pink and blue – when you enter this restaurant, it looks like you are inside a cupcake. And the menu is a match to this decor: Tuna Tartare, Truffle Fries, or Crispy Brussel Sprouts. Whenever you want to pamper yourself and be transported into a world of elegance and fashion, this is the perfect place. Of course, only if you are really into pink! 

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2. Nerai

55 E 54th St

A trip to Greece for seafood is easily replaced by a trip to this restaurant. Greek cuisine is set in a simple yet eye-catching combination of white and black, with natural woods and subdued lighting. 

Nothing should distract you from enjoying juicy Greek dishes: Cretan Meatballs, Grilled Octopus, or Short Rib Youvetsi.

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3. RH Rooftop Restaurant

9 9th Ave

This is the kingdom of crystal and glass infused with some green plants, designed for royal visits and classy dinners. Definitely among the fanciest and most beautiful restaurants in NYC. 

Roast chicken, steak, grilled cheese, and burgers under a stylish chandelier could be quite an experience if you are up for it. And when you have a chance to feel like a member of a royal family, you do not miss it.

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4. Legacy Records

517 W 38th St

Time travel is already real, and you just need to book a table at this place. Retro chic and eclecticism at their best – when exquisite design, as if carried over from the Bond films, successfully complements a fine menu. But the star of this restaurant is a mixologist who, as some people say, offers the best cocktails in town. Better to check it yourself!

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5. La Mercerie

53 Howard St

Everything in this place is about good taste: classy color combinations, elegant decorations, and an incredible menu. A visit here will be a special celebration for your taste buds. In this place, the design was created specifically to whip up the appetite, even the intricate and well-crafted tableware seems to transport you to romantic France right here and now. 

But the real test will be waiting for you when you open the menu because there are baked eggs with mushroom brioche, chestnut, and blood orange millefeuille and the special sandwich ‘Les Petites Sardines’. A delicacy…

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6. Moonrise Izakaya

774 Amsterdam Ave

Such a place, Japanese gastropub, definitely can not be missed! And it definitely deserves its place on the list of most beautiful restaurants in NYC. If you have already visited another Japanese gem we wrote about, this one may also be your cup of matcha tea. The very informal design of bright colors, cartoon characters, and the menu consisting of bold choices. Everything is done to ensure that visitors have as much fun as possible. No need to go all the way to Japan if you can enjoy Chanukkah Bao, Vegetable Gyoza, Yaki Udon right there.

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7. Chaiwali

274 Lenox Ave at, W 124th St

A restaurant of Indian cuisine with a design as rich as the taste of the dishes you can try here. While you are choosing between Corn Chili Salsa and Goa Shrimp Pao Roll (an impossible choice by the way), curious decor patterns amid a sea of ​​delicate flowers and a real jungle delight the eye. Pink, red, peach, golden – all these colors awaken the appetite, and here you can sate it properly.

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8. Sisters

900 Fulton St, Brooklyn

You can come here when you want to relax your body and soul. This place is all about simple lines & simple colors, soothing geometry, and the natural greenery of plants. Its white curved bar and impressive pyramid-like liquor cabinet became the place’s visiting card in addition to Sisters Egg Sandwich. And if, after visiting the place, you feel inspired try New York Furniture Outlets for a set of furniture of this quality.

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9. The Standard Grill

The Standard, High Line, 848 Washington St

Well, this is definitely a standard to adhere to when it comes to the decor, hospitality, service, and, of course, grill. A winning combination of white, black and light brown is perfect for enjoying the food without any distraction. Believe us, you would want to focus on a menu like this: Roasted Pumpkin Soup, Wild Mushroom & Goat Cheese Crepe, The Standard Burger, and New York Cheesecake.

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10. Pastis

52 Gansevoort St

Some of the old ways are the best ways, and this place is living proof of this old saying. A classic curved zinc bar, brick decor, mosaic tiles, and leather seats – this is the new classic style. Because sometimes having a really good meal may not be enough, and you are looking for a place to connect with friends, to enjoy the evening and have fun. Pastis creates this special atmosphere with colorful posters, floral bouquets, and vintage mirrors around the quests enjoying Duck à l’orange, Beef Bourguignon, or some other tasty French dish.

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As all the restaurants need to comply with CDC-provided safety measures it is recommended to always check ahead for open hours and availability of reservations.