Updated Below

We heard from the guys at Two Pitas In A Pod about a new food truck gathering on Wednesday evenings during the summer at the Grove St PATH station in Jersey City.

Starting this Wed. and every Wed. (weather permitting), The Taco Truck, Lucinda’s Creperie, and La Bella Torte will be joining Two Pitas for 4 x the usual food truck awesomeness!  For those of you in NYC near a PATH station, the Grove St station is only 2 stops into NJ, which is an easy round trip.

The Taco Truck will not be there this week due to a prior Red Bulls commitment, but the others will be, and all the trucks will be there every Wed. through September.

We told you about the Din-Din-A-Go-Go’s we went to in L.A.  Good to see someone is trying to put something similar together in our area.


The Two Pitas guys sent us some clarifying information. The Wednesday Jersey City event is called Groove on Grove and has been going on for years without food trucks. There is music, some other vendors, cool things like bike trick demos, etc.  These folks have been plugging away for years trying to make a nice community event for the locals.

This year the food trucks have been a welcome addition, and in a sense it is a mini food truck festival on a weekly basis, but at the end of the day it is an older event that now has some serious food truck presence as a part of it.

The same organization does a farmers market at the same location every Mon & Thursday from June-November and we are one of two food trucks that are going to be there on Thursdays now also. So it’s a lot more than just food trucks.