10 Reasons Why Gluten-Free Pizza Is Better

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Gluten-free pizza continues to increase in popularity as more and more people discover the benefits of gluten-free pizza. Not only is this type of pizza necessary for those that have conditions such as Celiac disease, but it is a healthy alternative to one of the most loved foods in New York. These are the top ten benefits of gluten-free pizza.

1. Gluten-Free Pizza Gives You More Energy

The benefits that gluten-free pizza offers, such as better gut health, help you feel better overall, leading to a drastic increase in energy. To learn more, you can read our post about other benefits of a gluten-free diet.

2. Helps Reduce Acne

Gluten can wreak havoc on a person’s gut. This not only causes problems in the digestive system, but it can also cause significant problems with every part of the body, including the skin. When you enjoy a gluten-free diet, there’s a chance that you can finally enjoy clear skin. 

3. Decreases Bloating

Consuming gluten is known for making you more bloated. This can lead to a significantly larger stomach and gas after eating gluten-containing foods, such as pizza. When you order the gluten-free crust, you won’t experience embarrassing bloating. This makes it the perfect food to order on a first date! 

4. Helps Control Insulin Levels

When you enjoy gluten-free pizza, you’ll also enjoy the other benefits of going gluten-free, such as more insulin resistance. According to this study, gluten-free food can help lower insulin resistance levels.

While this might seem like a problem just for diabetics, those without diabetes often experience a spike in insulin levels after consuming high-carb foods, which is why they experience a crash later in the day. You won’t have to deal with that when you opt for gluten-free pizza. 

5. Less Inflammation

Gluten can cause inflammation in the gut as well as the rest of the body. It often makes previous injuries, such as back injuries, more painful. The less gluten you consume, the less inflammation you’ll have. 

6. It’s Delicious

Gluten-free pizza is simply delicious! It’s so good that you might find that you prefer the taste over regular pizza. 

Gluten-Free Pizza
It’s delicious. Photo by Vita Marija Murenaite

7. Gluten-Free Pizza Helps Reduce Cardiovascular Risks

All of the benefits of gluten-free pizza combined help to drastically lower the risk of heart disease and other heart conditions. Combine a gluten-free lifestyle with eating gluten-free pizza to enjoy less risk of heart disease. 

8. Makes You Feel Better About Not Being Able To Eat Gluten

When you have Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, you can’t help but feel left out at times when the rest of your friends want to eat pizza. It’s a bit heartbreaking to watch everyone else enjoy your favorite foods, but that’s where gluten-free pizza tends to shine. 

The birthplace of pizza was New York, and it remains a favorite food today! Now, plenty of pizza joints offer gluten-free options so that those suffering from Celiac disease can join the gang for a bite of pizza before heading out for a night on the town. 

9. Improved Gut Health

Gluten causes several digestive problems, including gas, bloating, diarrhea, indigestion, and many more. Not only does this impact the health of our gut, but it also impacts our entire body. When we have poor gut health, we are more prone to illnesses of every kind, from heart disease to catching the flu. According to this article, improved gut health has a positive impact on the entire body, mental health, sleep habits, and more. When you enjoy a healthy gut, you’ll enjoy a healthier, happier life. 

10. Can Help You Lose Weight

When combined with a healthy lifestyle, gluten-free foods can help you finally lose the weight that you’ve been fighting to lose for years. However, it’s important to note that this only applies when a person makes healthier choices overall. 

Due to the gluten diet trend, there are several companies that have produced gluten-free snack foods, baking mixes, etc. While these do not contain gluten, there is a chance that they will contain more sugar than gluten-containing foods. This is extremely common because some gluten-free foods can taste bland. When you don’t take this into consideration, and make healthier choices overall, eating gluten-free foods can actually lead to weight gain. 

Gluten-free pizza should be incorporated into your diet with plenty of other fruits, vegetables, and other healthy choices. Make sure that you read the labels carefully. Going gluten-free can help you lose weight, but only when you put some thought into it. 

Italy may have crafted the first pizza recipe, but New York took that recipe and perfected it to create the best city to eat pizza. There are pizza places everywhere in New York, guaranteeing that you can find anything you like, including some of the best gluten-free pizza!

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