cheesesteak pizza

The cheesesteak melt we had from Gorilla Cheese NYC for Today’s Lunch got us looking around the web for stuff about cheesesteaks.  What we found was pretty interesting.

The people behind Endless Simmer put together an article about some of the ways you can enjoy cheesesteaks in non-cheesesteak forms.

Besides the not-much-of-a-stretch cheesesteak pizza, there are cheesesteak egg rolls, cheesesteak fries, cheesesteak empanadas and cheesesteak pretzels – but the piece de resistance is the Philly Taco aka South Street Sushi.

Click through to find out how to create this Frankenstein’s Monster of cheesesteak, pizza and cheese fries.  There’s even an instructional video.

cheesesteak egg rolls

To make a Philly Taco, head to South Street in Philly and a buy a gigantic slice of Lorenzo’s pizza. Then head to neighboring Ishkabibble’s and order cheese fries, cheese on the side.  Enter Jim’s cheesesteak.  Send one person to order a cheesesteak, send the rest of the group upstairs with the remaining ingredients.

To assemble: Cover your cheesesteak with fries, and the accompanying cheese, then wrap the whole thing, taco-style, in the slice of pizza. Consume.

This can be done with any cheesesteak, pizza and fries combination, but these three places are all a block away from each other, and Lorenzo’s slices are just the right size for the sandwich. [Endless Simmer]

Philly taco

Below is the instructional video on how to make South Street Sushi. Just don’t blame us when you explode like the guy in Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life.