Our Visit to Tartini Pizzeria & Spaghetteria in Orlando

Tartini Pizzeria and Spaghetteria in Orlando
Photo by Ron Rossi

Tonight we decided to go out to our local restaurant but it was closed. Instead, we decided to give it a new try at Tartini Pizzeria & Spaghetteria in Orlando. It always has a crowd when you are there. Especially at 7 pm. 

When we arrived they asked if we had a reservation. We said we did not as we looked at a half-full restaurant. Instead, they recommended that we sit outside for dinner. Being a good night we agreed.

We sat down and started to look at the menu. It is a good variety of Italian offerings and pizza. All homemade and fresh. You could smell the garlic n the air as the kitchen is active making the meals. This looked promising. We took our time and made our selection. We gave it to the waitress and then waited.

We could see that other guests were arriving. The guests already near us were getting orders of pizza and pasta. The pizzas looked nice. You could see the variety. From a traditional pizza to a Hawaiian pizza. Something for everyone.

Tartini Pizzeria in Orlando pasta with brandy
Pasta with Brandy. Photo by Ron Rossi

A good selection to try this time out.

There was a variety of appetizers some guests were getting. It too was fresh and looked great. That is a great way to start. As for the pasta, we could see it was huge. It is a large portion for everyone no matter what you wanted.

Finally, our order arrived. We had a combination of Mussels Marinara. Mussels with a spicy merlot marinara sauce. It also had a combination of parmesan and a side of fresh-baked focaccia. This dish was spicy. It was not Italian spice. It was more South American or Caribbean. 

Tartini Pizzeria orlando
The Mussels. Photo by Ron Rossi

The mussels were fresh. It was in a large sauce. But it was so spicy you could not taste the mussels. Only the spices. We each tried a mussel or two and could not eat more. We spoke with the waitress and she offered to take it from the order,. We agreed. It was the first time we turned down this.

The Eggplant Parmigiana

Next, we had an order of Eggplant Parmigiana. These were three large pieces of fried eggplant covered with marinara sauce, mozzarella, provolone, and fresh parmesan cheese. It also had a large side of fresh spaghetti. 

Finally, there was an order of something that is not always available. This was Pasta Carbonara. It is a creamy egg yolk combined with caramelized onions, parmesan cheese, pancetta, green peas, and spaghetti. It is very traditional and rich. 

Tartini Pizzeria
The Carbonara. Photo by Ron Rossi

It had a good taste along with the pancetta. The proportion is large. The taste is good. But it is not very creamy as expected. Instead, the sauce slowly gets firmer as it cools down. All dishes seem to be very hot when they arrive. You need to wait a few minutes before you can take a bite.

A new taste for traditional Italian.

Tartini Pizzeria has a new style on an old tradition. It is a rustic and fresh concept bringing the best quality with unique flavors that only oak wood can bring, fresh products made at home, and a feeling of family for anyone. It does have that style that can appeal to some who want something different.

These dishes are all freshly made. They are rich. They can be spicy. They are large portions. People take home the leftovers. The price is reasonable, although some seem a bit expensive. The staff is very nice and helpful.

Tartini Pizzeria & Spaghetteria is a good place to visit. It has a different experience from traditional Italian food. More rustic with flavor. It can be heavy and rich. It is worth a try.

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Tartini Pizzeria & Spaghetteria

6321 Hansel Avenue

Orlando, Florida 32809

Phone: 407-704-8011

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