What Are the Different Types of Butter That Exist Today?

Different Types of Butter
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Did you know that traditional butter was invented all the way back in Africa in 8000 BC? While most people think of the dairy industry when they imagine butter, the truth is that there are all kinds of ingredients that can get turned into butter. From sweet to savory, these varieties of butter make cooking an absolute delight.

Are you curious about which types of butter you can buy? Read on so you can learn about all the tasty options on the market.

Dairy Farm and Other Animal Butter

You may think that high-quality butter has to come from the best cow farms, but you could churn butter from any animal’s milk. You should be able to find goat and sheep butter at the store, but you’d have to buy rarer types like buffalo butter from an independent seller.

Aside from different animals, butter comes in several forms as well. Whipped, brown, unsalted, clarified, and organic are a few types worth sampling.

Plant-Based Butter

Who says that you need any animals to create decadent butter? With the rise of veganism, more companies have expanded their products to include butter made from various vegetable oils.

If you’re a butter purist, you might not be convinced that plant-based butter can compete. Give it a try and you’ll become a believer.

Nut Butter

Another type of delicious butter that we all know and love is nut butter. Peanut butter has always been a classic American staple, but butter made from a variety of nuts has exploded in popularity in recent years.

Companies like American Dream Nut Butter make butter from all kinds of nuts and additional fun ingredients like cinnamon and protein powder. From peanuts to cashews and almonds and more, you’ll have a blast sampling the unique flavors of each nut.

Fruit Butter

Some of the best butter that not many people have tried is fruit butter. You can make fruit butter out of any fruit that you love. Apple is the most popular and it makes the fall season special, but some other must-try options include plum, peach, and blueberry.

If you’re wondering how fruit butter is different from jams, jellies, and pastes, then the answer is simple. Fruit butter is only lightly sweetened and the texture is extra smooth to make spreading easy.

Cocoa Butter

Have you ever wondered how chocolate is made? The secret to achieving that dreamy meltiness is cocoa butter.

You can buy cocoa butter to make your own chocolate at home if you love to experiment. Cocoa butter is also added to all kinds of beauty products since it’s soothing on skin and hair.

Did You Enjoy Learning About the Different Types of Butter?

As you can see, there are many types of butter out there. If you haven’t tried all of these varieties, you should take your taste buds on a tour.

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