7 Advantages of Online Grocery Shopping

online grocery shopping

It’s a time-consuming but necessary process- shopping for the family and the folks you share a house with. Grocery shopping comes with its own challenges- parking, carting groceries, pushing trollies, handing kids and other family members, facing crowds at the billing counter and so on. All these issues are the reason why online grocery shopping is a preferred way to go for so many consumers. Here are some advantages to online grocery shopping.

  1. Sheer convenience- think about the sheer number of steps you need to take in order to go shop for groceries. You have to organise things at the house, get dressed, drive a distance, find parking, get trollies, go from aisle to aisle, stand in line at the checkout counter, lug the trollies back to the car, load up the groceries, drive back, remove the groceries from the boot and then put them away. Just looking at the list of things that go into the shopping is tiring! With online shopping, this entire process is reduced to one single step- put them away. Alright, maybe we exaggerate a little. You do have to make a list and choose things to put in your cart from the website, but everything else is eliminated because someone else does it for you. You can order your groceries in your pajamas, and have them delivered to your house with zero fuss. No monitoring of children, no thinking about how to manage so many things- just order and sit back.

  2. Multiple payment options- grocery shopping involves cards and cash. The same applies in online shopping too but you can do a bank transfer or pay cash on delivery too. The latter is especially useful when you’re not happy with a product or did not receive what you wanted. You can adjust the payment accordingly.

  3. Returns are super simple- imagine you pick up something from the grocery store, only to find out, when you come home, that that was not what you had in mind. You’ll need to make the whole trip back, with the bill to make an exchange. With online grocery shopping, you can give back what you don’t need or are unhappy with to the delivery person and see the amount adjusted in your store credit or your bank account.

  4. Less impulse shopping- have you noticed the cute things near the checkout counter? Magazines, gum, candy, batteries, hair grips etc? More often than not, they end up in your basket. The process starts even before you get to the checkout. All those aisles loaded with so many things you suddenly need to have at once. Before you know it, you’ve moved far away from the original list you came to the store with. With online grocery shopping, impulse buys are removed to a large extent. You can stick to the list and save big.

  5. Save big- speaking of saving big, online grocery stores offer discounts and deals pretty much each day. They have deals for shopping in the first week of the month, and lower prices on products compared to the real world. This makes for big savings. Also, let’s not forget all the money you save on fuel bills from not making trips to the store!

  6. Keeping track is easy- unsure if you’ve bought a health drink in the last month? Or lentils for the casserole you have in mind? Don’t go hunting for the list. The grocery app stores all the information, including previously bought items and acts as a ready reckoner. From what items have been purchased to what quantity they have been purchased in, the app will help you stay systematic and organized.

  7. Range of products- think about how much you can buy online and how easy it is. Take for instance, cheese. If you’re a gourmet, a connoisseur, then good for you. You know exactly what to order. But what of average people who want cheese? The grocery site or app will help clarify things. Products come with descriptions and this makes shopping a whole lot easier. You’ll learn that you can use mozzarella in your pizza, parmesan in your pasta and risotto, cheddar in your mac and cheese, Swiss cheese in a salad and many more cheeses in your cheese sauces. Cheese shopping has never been more delicious and more fun because you can order from particular stores too, if you want to order from say Murray’s Cheese in West Village, you can do that easily and you will get it delivered without any fuss.