Tips to Boost Your Immune System Naturally with Yummy Herbs and More

Yummy herbs

Your immune system is an important part of keeping you healthy, so you shouldn’t let it weaken. The flu and the common cold can happen a lot less with a good immune function. Living a beneficial lifestyle by exercising regularly and maintaining a diet full of fruits and vegetables is the basis of your body’s defenses, but there are a few extra ways to get that extra protection.

Use Haritaki

Haritaki, a herb from the seeds of Terminalia chebula trees, is known for its great ability to prevent and treat diseases. The ongoing research has proved Haritaki to help conditions like mouth sores, irritable bowel syndrome, and even obesity. It is recommended to take the herb (in a pill form) daily to increase blood oxygen levels and gain access to spiritual powers. This herb, available from, is a great way to naturally boost your immune system and even access more profound benefits, like intuition and third eye awakening abilities.

Reduce Stress

It’s a fact that chronic stress has a negative effect on your immune health. To keep stress under control, relax by using yoga, meditation, or deep breathing. Taking a short walk and disconnecting from your electronics for a while can help, too. Be sure to keep de-stressing exercises part of your daily routine, as prolonged stress will increase your risk of infection.

Have Proper Hygiene and Get Enough Sleep

Washing your hands regularly is a fool-proof way to ward off infections. For at least 15-20 seconds, use warm water and soap to thoroughly scrub your hands, especially when preparing food and after using the bathroom. Get a full eight hours of sleep every night, which will regulate your immune function and get you the rest you deserve.

Add Variety to Your Diet

Though it may seem simple, garlic and ginger are great foods that naturally boost your immune system. Raw garlic has properties that fight cancer, and ginger is known to treat the flu, nausea, and the common cold. Vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds have many nutrients that keep your immune system in its best shape. Vegetables like kale are known for their special ability to boost liver function. If you need those snacks from time to time, as we all do, think of trying vegan snacks

Go Outside

Natural light from the sun is a key source of Vitamin D. This vitamin helps our immune system produce antibodies. If you don’t get enough sun exposure, however, you could have a higher risk of respiratory infection. Aside from Vitamin D, sunlight can also energize T-Cells, which play a pivotal role in the health of your immune system. The low levels of blue light found in sun rays are what makes T-cells move faster.

Don’t Smoke

Smoking causes serious health conditions like cancer but also weakens your body’s immune response, which makes you more likely to get sick. Tobacco and nicotine can also make it harder to get better. This dangerous habit damages every aspect of the body, especially the immune system.

Limit Your Alcohol Intake

It is a well-known fact that excessive alcohol consumption causes negative effects to your body. Alcohol is associated with an increased incidence of infectious diseases, as well as decreased liver function. Light to moderate amounts of alcohol, however, can be healthy for you.

Bottom Line

Maintaining a strong immune system is a reliable way to stay away from infections and live a long and healthy life. Remember to de-stress for a while, get enough sleep, and even use natural herbs every day like Haritaki to get the best chance at being illness-free. It is well worth the extra time and effort for your body to function at its peak.