The Best Food Trucks In NYC for 2021

Best Food Trucks In NYC
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By 2020, 23,873 food trucks flooded the streets of the USA employing close to 29,000 people. Is this an overnight phenomenon pumped by the media or is all the hype real? That was the initial question that led to these hand-picked options in the streets of New York City to help you narrow down the search for the best food trucks. Read on, write them down, and get ready for a culinary feast in The Big Apple.
The Food Truck Industry, A Growing Phenomenon
The food truck industry has changed drastically and grown exponentially. Indeed, between 2015 and 2020, it grew steadily 7.5% on average. What started off as a convenience store on wheels in which you picked your item (usually prepackaged meals), paid, and went, has turned into chef-driven operations serving top-notch, gourmet-quality experiences to lucky pedestrians.
Furthermore, most of them rely heavily on graphics and carry all ingredients to prepare, cook, and serve your meal on the spot. Gone are the days of the generic trucks and the not-so-tasty, stale-looking food; we are in the era of the gourmet food truck.
And even though they may not look like much on the outside, know that these food trucks use top-notch kitchen supplies to prepare tasty food, starting with a butcher block table to mixers, blenders, and stoves, which all contribute to that gourmet taste.

Gourmet Quality & Foreign Food

If you are roaming down the streets of NYC and suddenly have the urge of getting something delicious and new to taste, there are plenty of options to choose from. For example, Luke’s Lobster Truck offers mouth-watering lobster rolls at surprisingly affordable prices from the “Nauti-Mobile”. Eating lobster while standing on the sidewalk in NYC is a rare occurrence; enjoy it by checking their website for schedule and locations.
Watch this video of Luke’s Lobster Truck to get a glimpse:
Also, for those with a palate for foreign flavors, Anton’s Dumpling Restaurant serves pelmeni, one of Russia’s most common comfort foods with a unique flavor. In the same vein, the King of Falafel & Shawarma food truck opened by Freddy Zeideia in 2002 has been serving some of the tastiest Asian flavors for two decades amassing a growing and faithful legion of fans in every spot they park.

Vegan Food Truck Options

According to recent statistics, 2% of the people in the USA are vegetarians. In such a confined space, vegetarian food trucks can ensure customers their vegetables never reach anywhere near the butcher block table. A great example is Yeah Dawg!!!, a food truck serving gluten-free, delicious vegan hot dogs with a variety of toppings and great prices.
Also, 1 in 4 vegetarians are vegans, and for those looking for an option that is just as tasty, a little healthier, and completely vegan, the incredible creations of The Cinnamon Snail are pure magic. They serve some of the best seitan burgers, tempeh sandwiches, and vegan burritos for breakfast you’ve ever tried.
Check out the King of Falafel Food Truck:

The Sweetest Treats In The Street

The food truck industry is growing exponentially; in 2019 alone it grew 20%. This includes, of course, food trucks with sweet treats to eat as you’re strolling your favorite part of the city. In that regard, the Coolhaus food truck sells groundbreaking, utterly tasty, and completely customizable ice cream sandwiches featuring tested-and-true flavors and some welcome surprises.
Also, for those looking for a more classical approach, Waffles & Dinges makes tasty cold coffee to accompany their waffle creations. Furthermore, former IBM management consultant and current owner, Chef Thomas DeeGest applies his own Belgian family recipe and adds marvelous toppings to every choice. Finally, his yellow truck is easy to spot several blocks away.
Every year, the food truck industry makes over $2 billion in revenue. This can be translated into a plethora of options and opportunities for every palate in the streets of the US. On top of that, the diversity and juxtaposition of cultures New York City is so famous for makes the scene so vibrant and broad. There is a food truck for every moment, palate, and craving; follow our suggestions above and turn every moment into an exciting culinary experience.