How to Equip a Food Truck in New York

How to Equip a Food Truck

Food trucks in the big city are the perfect solution for anyone looking to take their culinary creations to the streets.

However, working in such a tight space can be a challenge. When you seek to outfit a food truck, you have to anticipate all of your needs and create a layout that is functional. You’ll have to make decisions about storage, workstations, equipment, and the right aesthetic to draw people in.

Even in the confined space of a food truck, many of the same needs as a commercial kitchen come into play. Equipment still needs to be of industrial standards, including industrial mixers and a commercial refrigerator. To build a functional food truck to commercial standards, here are some of the factors to consider.


A food truck is appealing to customers because it’s convenient. But a poorly designed interior can lead to long waits, poor service, or poor presentation. Keep in mind the limited space you have when making decisions and how it will ultimately affect the product you create.

Functionality also involves thinking about the seasons of New York. With biting cold winters and scorching summers, a functional and adaptable food truck will be able to brave these elements and maintain a comfortable working environment.

Specialty Matters

Food trucks are not designed nor intended to offer a wide range of options. Often, the idea of a food truck stems from a few select dishes or specialties.

Before choosing the equipment for your truck, decide the menu and the preparation needed for that. If you are specializing in a few dishes, you can choose equipment specifically for those. This can eliminate having needless equipment and wasting space.

food truck in new yorkStore Smart and Prep Well

Preparation areas and storage spaces are vital to food truck design. There should always be a countertop with a flat surface to provide a preparation and staging area.

Storage will mostly need to be in the form of drawers and cabinets. You can certainly invest in shelves too. Keep in mind that your truck will not always be stationary, so you want storage for when things are not in use. You’ll need to be able to put shelved items in a secure space while the truck is in motion.

Avoid storing frequently used items in hard to reach spaces. You always want to be able to get to what you need in a timely manner. This will be great not just for preparing and serving customers, but also as you open and close each day.

Service with a Smile

The service window is the main feature of any food truck. It is where you interact with customers and deserves a lot of attention. Designing the service window plays into the functionality of the whole space. Your service window should easily blend into the staging area and food preparation spaces to create a better flow. The service window can be part of the aesthetic, theme, and specialization of the overall food truck.

A good easy to use POS system will also make your life easier and service better, so before you just go and order a system, be sure to compare the best POS for your Food Truck.

Safety and Health Requirements

At the end of the day, safety and health are critical on multiple ends. A food truck can be dangerous with so many supplies and equipment on board, including potentially flammable products. Without proper safety measures, you could be setting yourself up for a dangerous situation. You will want to be sure to design a space that can pass health inspections, fire safety inspections, and more. This protects you, employees, and customers.

Ready for It?

A food truck is a fun investment for people looking to minimize cost and maximize the number of people they can reach. In New York, food trucks are popular with both New Yorkers and tourists. With the right design and optimal functionality, you will be well on your way to having a food truck that is the talk of the town.