New Eats: Big D’s Grub introducing Asian themed cart in Midtown

New York Street Food received the following from Big D’s Grub about their planned introduction of a Asian themed cart in Midtown next month:

Big D’s Grub has been cooking up something exciting this winter, and you’re the first to know! Join us as we raise the concept of mobile food to new heights with our innovative new look and concept—Khao.

“Khao” means “rice” in Thai, the heart of all Asian food. At Big D’s Khao Cart, we take this heart and add soul to give you delicious dishes with complex flavors to match the intricate cultures they come from.

So stop by and try hearty comfort foods such as our Bangkok basil rice fried with ground grass-fed sirloin, or our Thai Panko crusted all natural chicken cutlet curry. If you’re feeling adventurous, we also have exciting culinary fusions such as the “Grande Loco,” our take on the Loco Moco: a premium blend burger served over a bed of Jasmine rice with fried egg, and Thai country gravy. Whatever your tastes, our one of a kind rotating menu is sure to please.

The new cart will be in Midtown in March. Check our Twitter and Facebook as we unveil the precise location, and be the first to experience Khao!