How to Make Cold Brew Coffee at Home

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Ever wanted to learn how to make cold brew coffee? Imagine you got out of your office tired, bored, and waiting at the bus stop to return home. Suddenly, a close friend of yours comes there. He almost pulled you to his car and took you to his home. You are continually asking for the reason, but he tells you to wait. Once you reach his house, he takes you to his balcony facing the garden where two of your friends were already waiting. Your friend tells you that all he wants is to gossip with you over a cold-brewed coffee. 

You’ve been a little upset till now at his behavior, but hearing about coffee and gossiping with three of your friends sparks your mood. You got delighted to know the idea and enjoyed the moments. All your negative feelings went away in a flash. A cold Brew Coffee on a summer evening everyone craves for especially when we are with our friends. It not only quenches your thirst but rejuvenates you as well, and the fascinating thing is you can prepare this mouth-watering drink at your home. Today we’ll teach you how to make cold brew coffee all by yourself.

Is Cold Brew Coffee different from regular iced coffee?

Many people have misconceptions that cold or iced coffee is the same as the Cold Brew Coffee, but it is not! It has a higher concentration of caffeine that can be 30% to 50% more than regular iced coffee. Moreover, it takes a lot of time to brew coffee, the time can go up to 24 hours. You must be wondering if it’s a joke that it can take up such a long time to make coffee. Well, no kidding, it takes that long. 

That is why it is more expensive than iced coffee. Some restaurants or coffee houses charge even double the amount of regular cold coffee. Don’t worry; you will get to know why it takes so much time and the process to make it at home.

How to Make Cold Brew Coffee
It’s great on a summer evening everyone craves for especially when we are with our friends.

Why do people prefer Cold Brew Coffee?

Over the last few years, people are getting inclined towards Cold Brew Coffee for different reasons. Here are the three most prominent reasons:

    1. It Tastes Better: It is the first and foremost reason people prefer it over regular iced coffee. Preparing this drink involves soaking the coffee ground in cold water for 12 hours or more and then sieve the water. It makes this blend of coffee more condensed and tastes much better. Moreover, the coffee beans are not exposed to hot water, so it prevents the bitter elements of coffee from being released.
    2. Less Acidic: When you brew the coffee in cold water, it releases less acidic materials. Many people love this drink, but they have to restrain themselves because of the acidic contents. Brewed coffee is almost 65% less acidic, and hence, it goes well with our digestive system, despite it being more concentrated than standard iced coffee.
    3. Easy to Make: The process of making it is much easier than it sounds. Anyone can make it, and you do not need to remember many things. It is easier than making tea! You may not believe it now but keep reading till the end to know the process, and then you will say, “Even if I can make it, what’s the big deal in that?”

Ready to learn how to make cold brew coffee by yourself? Read on…

How to make Cold Brew Coffee?

You must be dying to learn the process. Well, here are the easy steps to follow to make this savory and refreshing drink. 

    1. Soak ¾ cups of coffee in 4 cups of filtered water in a glass or plastic container. 
    2. Gently stir it so that all the coffee grounds are wet. The amount of coffee grounds depends mostly on personal taste.
    3. Then keep it aside and wait for 12-15 hours.
    4. Now extract the water using a coffee filter paper if possible. It is to ensure there is no coarse ground of coffee beans in your cup. 
    5. Now add milk sugar and according to your taste, then add ice cubes and enjoy your Cold Brew Coffee! 

**Note: The amount of coffee grounds depends mostly on personal taste; however, for standard Cold Brew Coffee, you can grind 3/4 cup of coffee beans for four cups of coffee. You can tweak the amount to suit your taste buds and try again.