SSUNDAZE Review: A Sunday in New York City for Any Occasion


Time is slowly shifting in New York City. We are getting back outside and moving around. True we might need to wear a mask to go from place to place. And when we are inside we might need a mask to move around. But once we are sitting down with friends our life can go back for a little. It is a bit different from what we are used to even in New York City. 

So, it was a pleasure to be invited to SSUNDAZE, a Secret Summer festival, here in Long Island City / New York City on a Sunday afternoon and evening a few days ago. It was good to go and feel great about the environment. We knew what to do. 

Located at The Foundry on 42-38 9th Street under the 59th Street / Koch bridge, this was an excellent place to be July 26th. The weather was nice. The team was warm. The greetings were friendly. The visitors were enjoying themselves. And yes, the alcohol was flowing. It was the place to be for the feeling of an event you might have attended or created on another day. 

We walked inside and were shown around the event to see what was waiting for guests as they arrived. There was more to expect than we imagined. And that was early in the event. Everyone was glad to be there. 

You would find everything ready for you as you moved to a seat that was in the courtyard to relax. There was a mix both inside and out. You would find snacks, something to eat, drinks, wine, and cocktails. And this was not a plane arrangement. The drinks were special and tasty. So was the food and snacks. 

We went to the four different bars to choose from. Each one with different versions of old standards. SSUNDAZE Tequila. SSUNDAZE Vodka and Gin. SSUNDAZE Cocktails. Or a SSUNDAZE soft drink. Everything was available as you made your choice. We had to start a Tequila Sunrise with fresh cinnamon and ginger leaves. We also had a Vodka Lemonade, also made with ginger and a little bit of honey. The drinks were light and tasty, with a touch of summer in them at this time. It was not heavy for the day. We also saw an offering of white or red wine that was slightly cooled for the day. There were even other choices of traditional vodka tonics, gin and tonic, and other choices to have at your convenience. It really depended on what you wanted and when. 

There was even an away of water and soft drinks as you walked around. This was from Toko Chico to take and have at any time. You would find Ginger Ale, Sodas, Iced team, Lemonade, and more. You would even find plain bottles of water, or try for water that was a bit different and fresh with a little taste. Everything was yours today. 

SSUNDAZE new york
There was more to expect than we imagined. And that was early in the event. Everyone was glad to be there.

We did stop where the chef was and ordered some items to try while we were there. This chef was one of the 5 they normally had there. Today’s chef offered a possibility of skewers, snacks, chips and avocados, salads, and desserts. We actually had a watermelon salad with fresh mint and feta cheese. It was light and enjoyable as we had that. It was perfect with fresh ginger ale to complement the flavor. 

As we sat in the courtyard we were listening to a conference for a few minutes that was in between music and a DJ. This was changed shortly to when a Jazz group would be getting on the stage to perform for the guests. The variety kept changing as we listened, talked and looked at the day we were having. And all this while New York City, and the bridge, was literally over our head and outside the door. In front of us, over the corner of the building and courtyard, is the old 59th Street Bridge rising above on the way into Manhattan. It was wonderful to see as we sat inside and traffic was out. 

As we enjoyed the visit we did talk around to the team who could fill us in on the place. Whether you wanted to hold an event for 1,000 guests or a wedding with only 125 people, you could do that here. The Foundry and the events could change for the event you wanted to hold at the time. There was a list of 5 or more convenient chefs and restaurants to select from. There were also local bars, winners, and cocktails to choose from. There was a group to select and bring in when you were going to be there for your event. Better still, the location was able to be redesigned based on the purpose of the event and how it would manage best for what you wanted to do. 

A few special notes are that there was an artist designing a wall mural in the courtyard. It was for the SSUNDAZE event, but he could also work on a private event. It was perfect for this day. Also we saw a photographer who would take personal photos or ones that were used for the event we were now in. 

There was even an illustrator who was standing in the courtyard creating illustrative art as we were there. Interestingly he created an illustration of me, which was ideal and will be shown to friends and family. He’s a professional illustrator here in New York City working for advertisers, corporations, and events. His name is A. E. Kieren (you can search that on Google) and he’s open to design art as the event goes forward. 

Where you moved around you could see additional individuals offering such possibilities as body massage and therapy. A Gypsy Therapist, who can give you a short reading there. And even a florist who could create a special arrangement you can have with you before you left. It was a mix of possibilities while you were there. 

There was even an illustrator who was standing in the courtyard creating illustrative art as we were there.

People who were there were talking about life, living and doing things. What is possible and how life moved forward was a topic in some groups. 

Is it worth it? Yes, if this is what you would like. There is talent. Ideas. Talking. Food and beverages. Thus, as a guest, you can enjoy and talk. What you take is for you to have. Some of the talent there was strong. People try. We all enjoy the people who are there. In fact, we should move forward with events. Do we have a show, a wedding, any event, where we then think, drink, eat and have fun. 

Everyone works together. And life is for fun. 

SSUNDAZE was ideal on Sunday afternoon and evening. For the way we all move into the future, this can be the place to hold something special. Or maybe attend an event that can be different than what you have attended recently. It is the way we move now. Might as well have a good time with food, drinks and friends we want to be with. 


SSUNDAZE at The Foundry 42-38 9th Street Long Island City, New York 11101 Phone: 718-786-7776 Hours are 4pm until 10pm

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