Must-Try Thai Food Delicacies

Thai Food

Eating food has to be one of the major satisfactions in our life. You must have heard this saying from elders that one must eat food at peace and comfort. However, today’s takeaway culture might have forgotten this saying, and our busy life has forced us to grab a munch or two on our way to the office. Different people have different tastes when it comes to food preferences. However, each of us might have consumed a few Thai food delicacies at some point in time and even liked it. You can try out brands like DoorDash, Uber eats, Postmates for availing your favorite Thai dishes online. 

Are you aware of some “must-try” Thai cuisines? Well, this article would guide you to the best Thai food delicacies that you must try. We will be guiding you with the best-chosen meals ranging from Appetizers to full course which you can avail at the lowest prices using DoorDash promo code.

Here are NYSF’s Thai Food Delicacies Tips:

Thai Appetizers


  • Spring rolls


Now, who hasn’t tried spring rolls in their lifetime? Spring rolls are an inherent delicacy from the land of Thai. If you want your meal to start with something amazing, don’t ignore the delicious veggie wrap that follows the “all good things come in small packages” philosophy. You can also go for vegetarian or vegan spring rolls as per your preference.


  • Dumplings


This has to be the most famous continental food to date. However, when you try pan-fried dumplings from Thailand, you will forget all the dumplings you have tasted before. Various outlets offer a range of pan-fried dumplings, both veg, and non-veg, starting from as low as $13.99. 


  • Thai soups


Now, this is a major requirement. If you are looking for major satisfaction in terms of Thai appetizers, then you can go for a range of soups from best-in-class restaurants. You can choose from a wide range comprising Wonton soup, Tom yum soup, Tom Kha soup, or even the simplest Thai style vegetable soup

Thai food Delicacies
Thai Soup

Thai Main courses


  • Pad Thai


You must have heard about it several times. You can combine this dish with beef, chicken, or even shrimp for a better taste. This hot and spicy curry comprises egg chunks, veggies, and also roasted nuts. You can order one for yourself at discounted prices using any food ordering app.


  • Phat Ga-Phrao


This dish translates into Holy basil stir-fry. This delicacy is prepared by cooking minced pork, chicken pieces, beef, or even seafood together. People who have been to Thailand must have tried it with the basic ingredient, the holy basil leaf. It adds a specific flavor to the dish, and you can have this from any of your favorite restaurants available on online food ordering platforms.


  • Massaman curry


A historical dish with a dash of modern arrangement. It is a sweet and salty coconut-based curry. This dish can be served with beef, chicken, or even tofu for vegans. However, most people like this dish with chicken.

Thai Salads

Salads are a part of every cuisine, no matter how diverse it is. However, in the case of Thai cuisine, there is something we want you to try separately. Thai meat salad is quite popular among people worldwide, and it is known as Larb.


  • Larb


This meat salad is famous across Thailand and can be customized with duck meat, chicken, beef, or even pork. You can buy your desired kind of Larbs from Postmates, Uber Eats, and even Doordash. They have a wide variety of Larbs for you to choose from.

Thai Desserts

Now Thai cuisine consists of a lot of different desserts, but we are going to suggest you with the best one that you might not have tried yet. Yes, we are talking about the famous Mango sticky rice.


  • Khao Niao Mamuang


This is a major Asian dessert from Thailand that deserves enough appreciation. For this dish, sticky rice is cooked and offered with ripe mango slices. The sticky rice is then covered with a fresh layer of coconut milk and sesame seeds for dressing. 

Another one such dessert from Thai cuisine is here for you-

  • Fried banana with Honey sauce and sesame seeds

The dish looks as tempting as it sounds. The thick honey sauce layer over slightly sautéed Bananas will leave you amazed at the first bite itself. It is occasionally served with a dash of sesame seeds that adds to its rustic flavor. 


Thai delicacies are the premium entrance to the Asian cuisines and the perfect way to satiate your hunger. The dishes are cooked with immense patience and attention so that every meal that reaches you is nothing but the best. Various services like DoorDash, Postmates, and Uber Eats ensure that only the best quality food reaches your plate, and all of this should be at affordable prices. If you are looking for an economical way to gouge on your favorite Thai dishes, keep an eye on offers and discounts available on various coupons and deals sites.