Where to Eat Memphis-Style BBQ in NYC

Where to Eat Memphis-Style BBQ in NYC
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NYC isn’t a place that lacks restaurants, you can say that for sure. Quality bbq isn’t always that easy to find though, and quality Memphis-style is even harder! The list that follows is a great starting point when exploring the city. I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed, but first, you might be asking what sets Memphis style apart.

What Defines Memphis-Style BBQ

Memphis-style BBQ is just a little bit different from others. The key is in the preparation, while many states and cities focus on their sauces and marinades, Memphis is all about the spices and the rub. 

In fact, cooking the meat with just the rub (maybe with a mop sauce to keep it tender) is about all there is to Memphis style. You’ll find pork in every Memphis barbecue restaurant, the rubs match it perfectly, but that isn’t to say they won’t explore other meats. You’ll also find ribs, lots of ribs.

Where to Eat Memphis-Style BBQ in NYC

These are our pick of the best places to eat Memphis-style bbq when you’re exploring NYC. They vary in style of joint, but all offer top-quality barbecue food. Some of these places are run by the city’s own, and others have been lovingly developed by people who have moved here to share their state’s top barbecue creations.

Joeper’s Smokeshack

Some people believe that this is the leading Memphis BBQ joint in all of NYC. Home to genuine dry-rub ribs that take their sweet time cooking for at least 4 and a half hours. If the typical Memphis style is just too dry for you then you’ll be happy to make use of the three different sauces on offer. Given to you on the side of course! To find Joeper’s delights, cooked up by Pandolfo himself, head up into Brooklyn.

Address: 2085 Flatbush Avenue in Marine Park, Brooklyn

Tel: 718-677-4225

www: http://joeperssmokeshack.net/


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Virgil’s Real BBQ

If you’re looking for genuine bbq joints chances are you’re going to try and avoid places that claim to be “real”, chances are you’ll also avoid tourist trap places such as Times Square too. In this case, you’d be wrong to miss Virgil’s Real BBQ. The place might feel corporate and a bit clinical, rather than the traditional, relaxed BBQ joints you might be used to, but the food is great and is one of the few places in NYC that cooks over proper hardwood fires.

Address: 152 W 44th St, New York, NY 10036

Tel: (212) 921-9494

www: http://www.virgilsbbq.com/


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Blue Smoke

If you’re looking for the original Blue Smoke then you’ll be sorely disappointed as it was a devastating victim of the pandemic, it sadly closed down and took the attached jazz club with it. Thankfully, however, you’ll still be able to visit the offshoot in Battery Park City. The best-known item on the menu is the Memphis-style ribs, dry rubbed and smoked over proper cherry wood. Ribs not for you? The pulled pork sandwiches are hard to beat.

Address: 255 Vesey St, New York, NY 10282

Tel: (212) 889-2005

www: https://www.bluesmoke.com/location/battery-park-city/


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 Myron Mixon’s Pitmaster Barbeque

If you’re a genuine barbeque fanatic then you may well have heard of Myron Mixon. The guy is a celebrated pitmaster with accolades and titles to his name, in fact, the guy is something of a barbecue celebrity these days. The restaurant is a new affair and mixes traditional barbecue from around the states. The pulled pork is great, the ribs are offered in choices of sauce or Memphis-style, and the brisket sandwich that has a pile of mac and cheese on it is just something else.

Address: 618 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030

Tel: (201) 526-4023

www: https://www.myronmixonbbq.com/location/myron-mixon-hoboken-nj/

 Key Takeaways

If you’re lucky enough to find yourself eating barbecue in one of these pits or joints, I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed. My recommendation? Look out for the places offering genuine Memphis-style barbecue, the dry smokiness isn’t to be missed.

  • You can’t go wrong with this list but it is by no means exhaustive, explore the city and find your own treasures.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for sauce on the side, dry-rubbed isn’t for everyone.