4 of the Best Places to Get Ice Cream in New York (Plus How to Make Your Own)

Best Places to Get Ice Cream in New York
Photo by Anthony Fomin on Unsplash.com

Whether as a dessert in a bowl, in a milkshake, or as a cookie sandwich, nothing beats the feeling of massaging your palate with a cool, delicious scoop of ice cream. 

It’s even more mouth-watering on a hot, sunny day. And yes, it might not rank in the top 20 among the best ice cream cities in the US, but New York City is sure to spoil you for options with the number of joints you can pop into for a treat.

So, are you in the Big Apple and feel like treating yourself to a scoop of tantalizing ice cream? 

Here are 4 of the best places to get ice cream in New York – plus how to make your own.

1. Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream, Houston St, NYC

Opened in 2014, this contemporary ice cream parlor is renowned for a range of ice cream offerings, including cones, sundaes, shakes, pints, and even ice cream cakes. They also serve burgers – a favorite fast food in NYC, fries, and pies to pair with it. Including vegan options, their offerings include a variety of unique flavors, from classics to vanilla, chocolates, caramels, strawberries, peaches, and more.

Address: 88 West Houston St, New York City, NY

2. Emack & Bolio’s, 1st Ave, NYC

Often known by the name E&B, Emack & Bolio’s is another favorite ice cream spot for New Yorkers. 

This ice cream shop whose founding was inspired by the love for rock en’ roll serves a wide range of creative ice cream offerings in many different flavors alongside frozen yogurt and other sweet treats. From cones to scoops, they also have vegan options. Some refer to E&B’s ice cream as the best in the Upper West Side.

Address: 389 Amsterdam Ave, New York City, NY

3. Caffè Panna, Irving Pl, NYC

Located in Gramercy Park, Caffè Panna is yet another popular spot for ice cream lovers, thanks to its amazing selection of Italian-inspired offerings. 

The 2019-founded joint boasts a lineup of multiple flavors, including classics like chocolate and vanilla, alongside seasonal scoops, pints, sundaes, and affogatos in weekly-rotating flavors that remain a mystery until you pop into the doors. You can always take a peek at their Instagram page @caffepanna for what to expect from their daily specials!

Address: 77 Irving Pl, New York City, NY

4. Big Gay Ice Cream, Columbus Ave, NYC

Having started as an Ice Cream Truck back in 2009, Big Gay Ice Cream makes a triumphant entry into the rankings with a bold flavor. The ice cream shop serves a diverse lineup of unique and creative flavors, from various combinations of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and hazelnut, to more adventurous options like blackberry ice cream or Tahitian vanilla. 

For those who love weird and wacky flavors, this may just be the perfect place for you. They also offer a variety of treats, including wafers, milkshakes, and ice cream sandwiches.

Address: 516 Columbus Ave, New York City, NY

Making Your Own Protein-Rich Ice Cream 

By making your own ice cream, you can control the ingredients that go into your ice cream, meaning that you can avoid unwanted additives and preservatives. You can also tailor the ice cream to your own nutritional needs; say by choosing high-protein ingredients. 

Moreover, trying out various protein ice cream recipes is a super fun way to experiment with different flavor combinations that you might not find at your nearest ice cream shop.

An easy way to make one is by using frozen banana and almond milk to create a creamy base and protein powder to ensure that every scoop is packed with muscle-building goodness. Top it with your favorite fruits or nuts for a delicious and nutritious treat! 

The next time you feel like grabbing some ice cream in or near downtown New York, locating a nice joint shouldn’t be much trouble.