Street Food That Your Dog Can Enjoy Too!

street food for your dog

Many people love to spoil their furry companions with treats and snacks. But be careful — there are many safe foods, but a few human foods could be hazardous for your dog. Follow this guide to know some common foods that your dog can enjoy!

5 Types of Street Food That Your Dog Will Enjoy:

1. Plain Hot Dog

When you take a walk along the street with your four-legged friend and want to give them a snack, an excellent go-to is a plain hot dog. Dogs usually love the taste of the meaty snack, and it will not cause them any harm.

Bread is usually alright for your pet in moderation, but it is not necessarily healthy for them, so try skipping the bun now and then. 

If you grab an extra hot dog for your pup, make sure to ask for it with no ketchup, mustard, or toppings. Then, you can share mealtime with your four-legged-friend. 

2. Olives

Okay, so olives are not typical street food, but we thought we’d add this here because it has come up more frequently than you may expect. 

According to the article, Can Dogs Eat Olives by, some olives are safe for canine consumption. However, you do want to be careful with the type of olive and monitor your pup’s reactions. 

dog street food3. Chicken and Turkey

We all know those turkey legs they serve at sporting events and food trucks, the ones with enough meat for two people. Lucky for you, this could be your meal and your pup’s meal too! 

Sharing a snack like this would be safe for your dog, as long as there are no spicy seasonings or sauces on the meat. Similarly, chicken and turkey bones are incredibly harmful to your pet because they can cause choking and severe internal damage. 

Giving your dog plain turkey and chicken meat is the safest and one of the best ways to share your snack with them!

4. Pastries 

Visiting a bakery for some sweets after your meals is a common practice and one your dog can participate in, too! Simple items like croissants or honey buns are safe for your pet and can be a nice sweet snack for them. 

Honey is common on pastries and tends to be an excellent treat for your furry friend. Honey is a sweet snack that contains natural vitamins and minerals, without extra dairy or surgery products that can cause some upset stomach in your pet. 

5. Plain Popcorn

One ubiquitous street food is popcorn, and we all love to enjoy it as we watch a movie or stroll down the avenue. And this snack can be enjoyable for your pup as well! 

If you are ordering for your pup, make sure to ask for the popcorn without butter or salt. Salt tends to have a bad reaction in dogs because their bodies do not need any more than what is already in their food. With too much, they can become sick. 

Likewise, butter can cause some digestive and heart problems. Play it safe and order the plain stuff, and your dog will love to gobble it up!


Every dog is different, so know your dog and their diet. Some dogs can eat absolutely anything and be alright, while other dogs are not so lucky. If your dog has a sensitive stomach, be selective about what you give to them. Try to stick to the same food each time they eat to keep them happy and healthy. 

With those tougher pups, use this guide when you hit the street vendors to make sure they don’t feel sick after snack time!