Proposed City Council Bill Would Designate Up To 450 Food Truck Parking Spots

Big D’s Grub Truck getting a ticket (credit: NYSF)

As first reported in the Daily News (thanks for the tip Adam), City Councilman Dan Garodnick has proposed a bill that would allow for up to 450 designated Food Truck Parking Spots around the city.

It would also bar more than 1 food truck from operating on the same block at the same time.

There are pros and cons to this proposal. We would like to hear your thoughts on the proposed bill. Here are ours:


  • Regulations is preferable to the current whack-a-mole situation of the police chasing food trucks away whenever they get a complaint.
  • Food trucks would not get expensive tickets (or towed) on a regular basis. It’s tough to build a business that way.
  • With no more than 1 truck allowed per block, it should be easier to get the restaurant lobby to agree to this proposal.
  • There is currently a one-time fee proposed when trucks register for the designated Food Truck Parking Spots. There would not be recurring fees…or tickets.


  • One of the best things about food trucks is having a different one near your office every day. They’re called “mobile” food vendors for a reason. Making them stick to one spot kind of defeats the purpose. Having the same food truck near your office every day is not good for the neighborhood or the vendor. It might work for Uncle Gussy’s, but will not work in lower density areas.
  • Having the Dept of Transportation come up with the designated Food Truck Parking Spots is a recipe for disaster. They should work in conjunction with the NYC Food Truck Association to come up with the spots and a workable rotation plan.
  • There has to be some type of distinction between the different types of trucks. A Mister Softee truck (or even worse, Captain Softee) should not be treated the same way as the Cinnamon Snail. Even among dessert trucks, there is a huge difference between Mister Softee and Coolhaus. Perhaps designating A and B level trucks is one way of doing it. Restaurants have a lot less to fear from the B level food trucks than the A level food trucks. (We would be happy to consult with the DOT to help them make this distinction).

What are your thoughts on the proposed City Council bill?

Before you answer, remember this is what we’re fighting about.

(credit: NYSF)
(credit: NYSF)