The Castello Cheese Truck Is A Tasty, Free Snack

(credit: NYSF)

Last week we told you about the Castello Cheese Truck, who are going to be around NYC until the end of October giving out FREE cheese samples.

Yesterday we had a chance to go by the Castello Cheese Truck, and can report that it was worth a stop.

If you go with the proper expectations, and don’t expect a meal, you can have an enjoyable, tasty snack.

At the Cheese Truck they give you 3 samples, one of each of their 3 new cheeses. Each sample is about 3 bites, and comes on a hard, crispy cracker.

(credit: NYSF)

There’s the weissbier cheese , which is rubbed with weissbier (wheat beer) 3 times a week during its processing. That cheese is mild and smooth, but has a little earthiness from the beer.

The second one, called hirten, was strong and crumbly, and reminded us of parmigiano reggiano.

They are also serving bergkasse, which is firmer than the weissbier, and has a little bit of smokiness.

The Castello Cheese Truck hits 2 or 3 different locations per day, and they will be around until the end of October.

You can find the list of locations here. Updates and truck locations will also be posted on Twitter here and Facebook here.

In addition, Sweetery NYC is producing this event, and they will be providing locations on Twitter here and Facebook here.



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