Nutella Breakfast Truck Touring The Country

Food truck promotions have been a little slow this year, but here’s one you can sink your teeth into.

You may love Nutella for dessert, but what about for breakfast? The Nutella Breakfast Tour will show you how you can enjoy Nutella for breakfast, with plenty of free samples.

The truck will be in NYC for a week starting this Saturday, and they will be hitting a dozen cities across the country through mid-December.

Click through to find out where and when the Nutella Breakfast Tour is coming to your town, as well as how they get that magical flavor.

Here’s where you can find the Nutella Breakfast Tour truck in NYC:

• Saturday, September 29 | 6th Ave Fair (6th Avenue from 48th & 49th Street) | 10am – 3pm
• Sunday, September 30 | NYC Oktoberfest (Lexington Avenue from 50th & 51st Street) | 10am – 3pm
• Tuesday, October 2 | Rutgers University (249 University Ave, Newark, NJ) | 7am – 12pm
• Wednesday, October 3 | 1 Hudson Place, Hoboken, NJ (by Path Station) | 7am – 12pm
• Thursday, October 4 | NYU (Washington Square St btwn Sullivan St & MacDougal St) | 7am – 12pm
• Friday, October 5 | SoHo (Broadway btwn Prince St & Spring St) | 7am – 12pm
The Nutella Breakfast Tour truck will also have a giant inflatable jar of Nutella you can take a photo with. New avatar, here we come!
For other cities, the dates are on their twitter page here.
For even more info, the facebook page is here.
BTW, Nutella gets its unique taste from the combination of roasted hazelnuts, skim milk and a hint of cocoa.