Shorty’s Opening A Place In FiDi


Shorty’s cheesesteak (credit: NYSF)

We got some news hot off the press late yesterday from Evan Stein, owner of Shorty’s, Shorty’s On Wheels and Lil’ Shorty’s.

Shorty’s just signed a lease for a new bar/restaurant located at 62 Pearl St in the Financial District, a few steps from Broad St.

This isn’t a tiny takeout and delivery window like Lil’ Shorty’s. It’s a 2,000 sq ft emporium, along the lines of the the Shorty’s on Madison Ave. Like the other 2 Shorty’s, expect lots of food, drink and sports.

Evan told us they will be working hard to open by Christmas. Cheesesteaks for Christmas, we like the sound of that.



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