Kim Ima from Treats Truck (in bandana) talking to group

The 1st New York Street Food Walking Tour was held on Friday (May 27) and a good time was had by all.

When I started putting this tour together, I expected it would be mainly tourists, but the first group was all New Yorkers or ex-New Yorkers coming back to visit.

One tour guest, Katie, emailed me afterwards that said “Thanks again for the tour Friday. I’ve lived in NY for 10 years and had never looked beyond pretzels and falafel.  I can’t wait to hit the streets again.”

In addition to sampling food from 6 different vendors including Indian, Korean and Jamaican food among others, tour guests also received a map with 25 NYSF Suggested Vendors to try in the future.

Another guest, Cindy, told me after the tour that the food was great, but her favorite part was when the vendors came out to speak with the group.  They talked about how they got into this business, and answered whatever questions people had.

The tour has attracted attention outside New York as well.  On June 3rd, a TV crew from Korea will be following the tour, and on June 10th, a TV crew from Germany will be following the tour.

If you are a New York Street Food reader, we would love to have you join the tour, which is only given on Friday afternoons during the summer.  If you click on the “Buy Now” button at the bottom of this link and put the code NYSF in the Paypal message box, you will receive a $10 rebate from the tour price within 24 hours.

Delicious samples from 6 New York street food vendors, info on many other great vendors, and a chance to speak with some of the vendors and ask them questions for $30 (after the NYSF rebate).  Now that’s a great deal.

Meru Sikder from Biryani Cart (far right) talking to group