We’ve Been Featured on The Sunday Times Interactive Food Map!

Interactive Food Map

We are extremely proud to announce our unique and exciting collaboration with The Times and The Sunday Times Insider City Guides, on The Taste of New York interactive food map. What’s it all about? Well, The Times wanted their readers to get lowdown on the best places to taste NYC’s iconic food, so they asked the experts…NYSF! (NewYorkStreetFood.com).

The Sunday Times Insider City Guides was launched back in March 2016, and it combines the expertise of the travel teams and city break experts at The Times and The Sunday Times Travel Magazine.

The project included the launch of a new interactive Food Map for New York, to which our team at NewYorkStreetFood.com contributed most of the food tips. We provided The Times with NYSF’s first hand experience of the top places to eat steaks, Tacos, Pizza, Burgers, Sweet treats and some of our favorite Street Food vendors.

How Did It All Start?

When they were looking at New York, The Times decided to focus on the food scene, since eating out is so intrinsically special to New York. With the most unique food spots around every corner, from the tastiest Taco vans to the poshest pizza in town, we all know that New York is surrounded by an abundance of great spots for even the fussiest of foodies. Because of this, content surrounding restaurants and street food spots also returns the most searches (The Times research showed that over 15,000 users in the UK search for New York related food content every month!).

This led The Times to collectively decide that an interactive tool showing all of New York’s favorites in one place would be a perfect way to conquer the breakfast/lunch/dinner and snack dilemma of where to eat! To make this interactive map feel as authentic as possible, The Times consulted New York’s top foodie influencers, NYSF included.

Interactive Food map
NYSF’s Food Tips on The Sunday Times Interactive Food Map

The Process

  • After identifying the best of the best New York foodies, The Times then asked for their first hand recommendations for the top spots to eat, plus their absolute must-try dish for each.
  • The influencers have spanned their tips across what they consider New York’s top 7 cuisines: Burgers, Pizza/Italian, Street Food, Sweet Treats, Tacos, Steakhouses and Trending spots.
  • With that unique insight, The Times compiled these into a newly launched interactive map to be featured on The Times and The Sunday Times Travel Insider’s interactive food map.

This beautifully designed Food Map is also extremely user-friendly. Click here to view the interactive food map, then just select your preferred food category from the drop-box menu, let’s say “Pizza” – and the colorful map with pop up orange pizza slices representing the best tips for Pizza spots in NYC, recommended by us and other prominent bloggers and food critics.

By being featured on one of the top publications in the UK (with over 8.7M visits per month), this interactive map has been created to aid both those traveling to New York and New York natives alike.

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