Where Are the Best Pumpkin Pie Brownies in New York?

pumpkin pie brownies in new york

Searching for delicious Pumpkin Pie Brownies in NYC? You’ve reached the right place. One of the extraordinary delights of life is pumpkin pie. It’s a necessity for everyone in love with the change of seasons– a rite of passage essential to American culture as getting Halloween candy or apple-picking.

What’s more, if you’re in NYC, many bread shops serve it, some bake the classics, and others reinvent the recipe. Look at these cafés, restaurants, and bakeries for the best pumpkin-based eats and desserts in NYC to keep you in the spirit throughout the season.

7 Places To Eat Pumpkin Pie Brownies in New York City:

1. Petee’s Pie

A pie shop where they make fresh homemade pies every day, pumpkin is just the start at Petee’s Pie. They make their pies with seasonal local produce and natural sugars. They also offer tasty gluten-free and vegan alternatives.

Besides pumpkin, fall flavors incorporate ‘maple bourbon walnut,’ ‘Hudson valley apple,’ ‘sweet potato,’ and ‘brown butter honey pecan,’ however, since they’re made every day without any preparation, no one can tell what specials will be advertised.

Peter’s Pies are frequently called the best pies in NYC, so don’t spare a moment to confide in their expertise and tastes. They have two locations, one in the Lower East Side and another in Brooklyn.

2. Four and Twenty Blackbirds

This bakery was established in Brooklyn by the Elsen sisters, talented pie creators. When they chose to open a pie shop in New York City, they could not discover anybody focusing solely on pies in a genuinely handmade way. Especially those using seasonal and new fixings sourced from neighborhood plantations.

Sure, a lot of pastry hubs made and delivered pies, however not pies like theirs. They didn’t know about any spots in the neighborhoods they frequented that were committed only to the experience of relaxing and eating a cut of newly baked pie with some espresso, and that is actually what they desired to start: a friendly neighborhood pie shop.

3. Pumpkin Latte, Martha’s Country Bakery

This previous Hell’s Kitchen hub has been in Astoria since the ’80s and has been quickly transforming and improving its service.

While there is no lack of steamed pork buns in Chinatown, Pumpkin pie brownies are unique. This pastry is full of fall flavors. The pumpkin pie brownie is loaded with a rich pumpkin puree, somewhat sweet and smooth. It has got something for everyone and is very enjoyable.

4. Baked

The name ‘Baked’ says everything – this pastry shop offers many alternatives year around. From sweet to flavorful, cookies to quiche, there’s something for everybody. Come pre-winter, they generally serve pumpkin pie brownies, and here you can get smaller than usual pies or full-sized, nine-inch alternatives. Whichever you pick, it’ll be specially made with an oat and whole wheat crust.

5. The Blue Stove

The Blue Stove is a curious pie shop making lovable small-batch pies. To keep up that magnificent and obvious homemade quality, they make the entirety of their pastries in little batches, with straightforward, great quality ingredients.

pumpkin pie brownies in new york pumpkin pie browniesTheir pie dough is made by hand, which is tedious; however, it makes for the most flakey pie crusts. They utilize new, seasonal fixings and attempt to use the most local produce as much as they can.

6. Partybus Bakeshop

Partybus Bakeshop is a craftsman bakery and cafe situated in Manhattan’s Lower East Side area. They riff on classics through a changing seasonal menu, including bread, cookies, and pies, by utilizing the best ingredients the northeast has to bring to the table.

Partybus Bakeshop source natural stone processed flour from small mills in the area and secure their produce through New York City’s broad GreenMarkets. They make these pastries for nearby delivery, neighborhood pop-ups, and custom catering occasions.

7. Little Pie Company

Locally sourced fixings go into season-new pies and other pastries. Deliberately thought-out fillings produced using nature’s ready abundance are filled into handmade crusts. Then the enticing treats are baked inadequately prepared ovens. The final product is warm with flavor and is laid on cooling racks until they are grabbed up to be brought home, eaten on the spot, or transported fresh to other places nationally.


These local pie shops have the options of takeout plus local and nationwide delivery for your benefit. While others even offer recipes so you can try making them yourself at home.

Their central goal is to push the limits of what you anticipate from your local pastry or coffee shop while keeping a persistent appreciation for the classics you know and love. With pumpkin pies baked anew every day making use of just genuine, fresh ingredients thoughtfully combined by hand – never any artificial additives. They are all just completely good for eating.

So, when you visit New York City, be sure to check out the listed pastry hubs for your delicious plate of pumpkin pie brownies.

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