What to Eat in New York City on Moving Day

what to eat in new york city

New York City – it is the perfect place for any eager expat looking to turn over a new leaf. People come to the Big Apple for college, work, just to leave their small town or just to leave their home country. This is why you will be able to find almost every culinary wonder when New York street food is concerned. But, today we want to focus less on what you’ll be able to experience taste-wise after moving to NYC. We want to talk more about the trouble each and every person in New York has faced before: What to eat on moving day? In order to get the most accurate information, we’ve also talked to a few respectable movers NYC and gotten their side. And, from the numerous expats in the city, as well as relocation companies in the Big Apple, we bring you this bit of wisdom…

On moving day in New York City, you will want a quick and nutritious meal without a hassle.

According to the experts at Zeromax movers, the first myth about moving house and food is that relocation means takeout. Well, this is not true on too many levels for us to even mention. Hence, we want to bring you a few recipes which are ’15-minute one pot wonders’, if you’d please. And, if you’re too short on time to cook, you can always head down to the closest Mexican place in NYC for an amazing taco.

Crock pot is the savior of all those moving houses

Most people underestimate the usefulness and convenience of a crock pot when moving their house. It is one of those meals which won’t take you more than 15 minutes to prepare and you can leave it to cook for hours while packing your home. Hence, it’s perfect when moving house. So, here’s how we suggest you should make crock pot on moving day. Leave the dish for it unpacked until the last possible moment. The day before the move, set up all of your ingredients for the meal. You likely won’t need to buy anything extra, a crock pot is a relatively flexible recipe. Leave the meal to cook while you’re packing the last of your belongings. Finally, you’ll have a good, healthy lunch for the moving day without too much hassle.

What to eat in NYC
If you’re looking for an easy recipe for your moving day…

If what to eat on moving day is your dilemma, we suggest sandwiches

The easiest go-to food in a pinch are sandwiches. They are easy and quick to make and can accommodate any dietary or religious habits. And, in case you favor NYC vegan cuisine, this is definitely the moving day food for you. It is the perfect way to use up any leftover perishable foods which you may have in your fridge. And, in case you end up having a few extra sandwiches on moving day, offer them to your movers. The workers are usually glad to get some food and drinks on the job, as it takes them all day and lots of physical labor to finish it. Finally, sandwiches are also a great idea for moving day food because you can take them with you on the road. If you’re driving to your new home, they will be the perfect way to save some money of roadside restaurants.

Finally, we want to point out the miracle of stir fry to any homeowner moving to or from NYC.

In most cases, when moving house, you’re looking to get rid of all perishable food in your fridge. And, stir-fry is a way to definitely accomplish this. It can be made in a single pot, without too much trouble and will use up all extra ingredients. Say goodbye to any meat, vegetables and some spices and greet a delicious and healthy meal for your moving day. And if you need something to add to the meal, we suggest finding a good NYC restaurant to get soup. It will be the perfect addition to your homemade stir-fry. If you’re looking to experiment with taste, despite the fact that you’re moving, we suggest adding some spice to the meal. But, be careful that you can handle the heat, too!

where to eat in New York
Here is a way to enjoy Chinese cuisine in NYC on your moving day, too.
And, in case you’re short on time, here’s what to eat on moving day

But, we understand that you may not be up to cooking on moving day, even if it’s a quick meal. If you’ve decided to move last minute, here is our suggestion about what to eat on moving day. So, first, we’d like to introduce you to the beauty of New York street food on a budget. We won’t mention the city-wide food trucks in NY, but rather the affordable shops for every occasion. So, here are our top picks for moving day food in New York:

  • Shake Shack – the taste of nostalgia. For a burger and fries on moving day, this is the perfect place. Affordable and without a long line, it will give you everything you need.
  • Nom Wah Tea Parlor – when dumplings are concerned, the boss of New York. The food is always fresh, the line is always moving and the prices are always affordable. With a cup of oolong, it is a great meal for your relocation day.
  • The Arepa Lady – whether you’re craving sweet or salty, head out here. With the numerous arepas being sold, there is still only one Arepa Lady – Maria Cano. Try her arepas on Roosevelt Ave and you tell us why she got that title.
  • Best Pizza – a fresh slice each minute. We understand that pizza is religion in New York. So, if you decide to have a slice on moving day, this is the spot we suggest. Not only is their secret recipe for the Italian dish wonderful, but it’s always fresh out of the oven.

    what to eat in new york city
    If you’re not sure what to eat on moving day, we’d suggest pizza.
  • El Rey Luncheonette – finally, treat yourself even on moving day. This is an affordable place in New York where you will be able to taste sunny California. And, remember to try the Mexican mocha iced coffee, as well. There is none other like in the whole Big Apple, after all.