Raw Honey Tips: Cheese And Honey Pairings You Should Try

Raw Honey Tips

Searching for cheese that goes with honey? Or for exquisite cheese and honey pairings that will knock your lover off her/his feet? Well, in this post, we discuss the beauty of such pairings, but specifically with Raw Honey. Why? Because raw honey is so much different from processed honey. Raw Honey is a  natural substance that can be as sweet as processed honey but is obviously much healthier.  

Raw honey offers a variety of health benefits that processed honey lacks (we’ll discuss them at the end). According to Alethea Morrison, the author of Homegrown Honey Bees, raw honey isn’t subjected to high heat levels that practically destroy the beneficial enzymes. However, it’s not yet proven by research that raw honey is more nutritious than processed honey. One thing that is proven with reasonable certainty, is that cheese and honey are delicious, together. 

Cheese and Honey Pairings You Should Try:

It’s no secret that Honey goes perfectly well with Cheese. But which raw honey goes with which cheese? The experts in this yummy field claim that for each type of raw honey there’s a match of cheese on the other end. I’ll try to provide some clear guidelines.

cheese and honey pairings
The beauty of pairing cheese and honey.

1. Buckwheat Honey pairs well with Sharp Cheeses

Buckwheat honey is a delight, and extremely nutritious. It’s made by hard-working bees that collect the nectar from the buckwheat flowers. Since these flowers are very small, the bees have to work extra hard to collect sufficient nectar to produce their honey. 

This eventually creates a strong and earthy raw honey, which pairs well with sharp cheeses like aged Cheddar or Parmesan.

2. Basswood Honey pairs with Fromage

This high-quality raw honey is retrieved from the blossoms of the famous Linden tree (or Basswood tree). The flowers of this unique tree, which is known by some as the “bee tree”, drip with nectar that can attract bees from very far.  

Basswood honey has a light color, with a fruity delicate (but mild) flavor. The fruity flavor varies, as some say it hints of lychee, pears, grapes, or even roses.  

As for it’s pair, this is definitely one of my favorite cheese and honey pairings. Basswood honey pairs perfectly with Fromage blanc, which is a wonderful cheese that goes with honey.

3. Tupelo Honey pairs with Mild Cheese

This raw and rare honey is produced in only two tiny regions of the Southeastern U.S, one on the Georgia-Florida line and the other at the Apalachicola River basin in Florida. Both areas are known as Southern Cypress Swamp, and Tupelo honey is also referred to sometimes, as Swamp honey.

So why Tupelo? Because of the Tupelo tree, also know as the Ogeechee Lime tree. The Southern Swamp regions are the only ecosystems that enable large quantity growth of these unique trees. Therefore, pure raw Tupelo honey is extremely rare.

How does it taste? Well, it has a mild and buttery taste thanks to the nectar of the tupelo gum tree. 

What’s the cheese buddy of Tupelo honey? Well, it’s so tasty that Tupelo will go well with almost any mild cheese. However, the best cheese pairing for this honey is young Gouda or Havarti, which is another great cheese that goes with honey.  

4. Blueberry Honey pairs with Blue Cheese?

Blueberry honey is probably among the best full-flavored types you can find. This raw honey has a color that ranges from light to dark amber. It has a smooth and thick texture, with a nice aroma. How does it taste? Well, it’s earthy and quite piquant, sweet with a strong fruity flavor. 

Which cheese does this honey pair with? This may not sound like the most original of our cheese and honey pairings (blue to blue), but it is delicious with mild to strong Blue cheeses. However, Blueberry Honey also pairs perfectly with goat cheese, Greek yogurt, sour cream, or Creme fraiche. The fact that it is so smooth and spreadable, makes Blueberry honey and Cheese perfect for spreading on every sort of bread or cracker. 

5. Sourwood Honey pairs with Bloomy Rind Cheeses

This world-renown honey has won several Apimondia World Champion honey contests. It’s created when honey bees collect nectar from the flowers of Sourwood trees. Because of the high density of sourwood trees in the southern mountains, the bees feed predominantly from the nectar of this one species of flowers. The outcome is pure monofloral honey.

The sourwood honey is uniquely aromatic and floral. Despite its extreme light color, it delivers particular soft anise, rich spice flavor with a hint of maple. This makes the Sourwood honey so remarkable and distinguished all over the world.

Which cheeses do Sourwood honey pair with? I love eating it with Camembert, but it will pair well with other bloomy rind cheeses like Brie, Coulommiers, Chaource, or others.

The Benefits of Choosing Raw Honey

As mentioned, raw honey can be a lot better for our health, than processed honey. Here are some of the basic benefits. 

cheese that goes with honeyAntioxidant Effects

As discussed earlier, raw honey contains antioxidants. Natural honey contains compounds such as ascorbic acid, phytochemicals, and flavonoids, which act as antioxidants. They mop the free radicals and reduce oxidative stress in our bodies. Raw honey is believed to contain much more antioxidants than pasteurized ones.


Raw honey contains nutrients that can surely benefit one’s health. Honey contents can vary according to different countries, environments, and regions, but it mainly has amino acids, vitamins, and antioxidants. It contains magnesium, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, and much more. 


When it comes to healing wounds and preventing further infection, raw honey has no competition. It’s an antimicrobial and antibacterial agent. Raw honey has low pH and glucose oxidase, and high levels of hydrogen peroxide which can kill harmful fungi and bacteria. Moreover, due to its unique chemical structure, it prevents the growth of bacteria or yeast.

Relieving Coughs

Many studies suggest that honey can be much more useful than some cough medicines. Next time you have a cough, you can simply take a spoon of raw honey without drinking other liquids or eating food afterward, so the honey gets enough time to coat the throat.

Good for Diarrhea

Honey has been proven to help with the symptoms of diarrhea. It also has a soothing effect on digestion. A study found that children with acute gastroenteritis who received honey as a solution for diarrhea recovered way better than those who did not receive honey. The children were also observed to have fewer bowel movements and recovered much faster.

So go ahead and eat more raw honey, and don’t forget to pair it with the right cheese!

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